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"Love Letters" ... and Cake! {Valentine's Inspire Contest}

Today, we are pleased to have Lanae. Lanae was Al's college roommate and decorated the cake for Al's wedding. We are so excited to have her with us today.  Especially as she shares her beautifully delicious cake.

My life is full of it. I love my husband. I love my family. I love 80’s music. I love snow.  And I really love CAKE! 

So when the Shaffer Sisters invited me to participate in this awesome Valentine’s Day Design Challenge, I thought, what better way to showcase love than with cake. 

I thought long and hard about the theme “Love Letters.” 

The first thing that I thought of was the precious love letters that my Grandpa wrote to my Grandma as they courted. Today’s showcases of love are just not the same. With Facebook, Twitter and texting, no one has any reason to do anything handwritten anymore. Receiving a text that says I + U! :) is just not the same as a beautiful handwritten love letter. 

I mean what could be sweeter than this excerpt from my Grandfathers letter. 

Jan. 30, 1947
My Dearest Ella Mae,
This is the first letter I have even tried to write since my discharge from the Navy, and I had to borrow this piece of stationary from my niece … [I]almost wish I had a date with you Friday night. Saturday night seems so far away when I can’t see you until then … I guess I can console myself by thinking of you until Saturday night…  I’ll tell you for the 50th time that I love you very much and hope the feeling is mutual. Be good and don’t get married before Saturday night.
All My Love,

I wish that life was more simple and genuine like in the “old days.” Maybe I should put down the phone and close the computer and get out a pen and paper and write an old fashioned letter. Or maybe I’ll just make a cake! 

I started out with a red velvet cake, because what is more traditional than red velvet! (Plus it is my favorite flavor of cake!)

To add a little modern twist, I filled and covered the cake with dark chocolate ganache. (Ganache is a creamy mixture of chocolate and heavy cream that is used in desserts, candies, and other confections! And it is GOOD) 

I let the ganache set and then frosted the cake in a classic buttercream, giving it a little texture, because love is not always perfect, so my icing shouldn’t be either. 

And then comes the fun part! Decorating it! I used fondant cutouts that I had made previously and left to dry and harden. Each aspect of the design had meaning and importance.
  • An envelope. To represent the old fashioned hand written love letter that you would get in the mail.
  • The letters L-O-V-E. To represent the newfangled way we communicate now… with text.
  • Hearts. To represent traditional declarations of love.
  • Sparkles and bling. To represent the “spark” that one feels when they meet the love of their life! 
Together my design represents both modern and traditional love letters.  And of course, it tasted great too! Don’t you wish you were here enjoy this with me?

Lanae Workman is the owner of Paisley Cakes in Blackfoot, Idaho. She not only loves to decorate cakes, but also enjoys crafting, sewing, cooking, and the outdoors! Her favorite season is winter and she enjoys skiing and snowboarding with her family. Lanae loves wild adventures, much to the chagrin of her husband Mike, although he is a good sport!



  1. Awesome looking cake and I bet it tasted fabulous!

  2. Ooh I love competition! That cake looks so yummy and the decorations are great. Can't wait to see what's coming up! Good luck Lanae!

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    I'd love for you to link up at my weekend link party @The Weekend re-Treat

    Hope to see you there!

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