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Moving/Spring Cleaning Sensory Activity

We have a couple of things to tell you about today!
Moving/Spring Cleaning Sensory Activity (in Ryder language: Fun Messy Job)
As many of you know Jo and I are both in the process of moving. What you might not know is that we are both husbandless while doing this. Our husbands have moved proceeding us for employment reasons. Though we are without our husbands for the time being, we are not without our children (I have my 2 and she has 3 out of her 5). Packing and moving takes more time and attention than our children would prefer. 
Today, I was trying to sort the toiletries into stuff that was worth packing up and what we should just throw away. The thrifty part of me didn't want to throw away any of the 10 containers of various scents of hand and body lotion. But I have been trying to minimize the amount of "stuff" we take to the next place, so I knew I couldn't keep it.
Then BAM! It hit me.... Sensory Activity for one 3 year old boy. I put different colors of food coloring in the lotion, which upped the coolness level by 10 points!
Win, Win, Win!
1st Win: He had an activity that kept him entertained for over an hour, which allowed me to get some work done.
2nd Win: I didn't have to fill guilty for tossing because I just did a mind shift from lotion to educational supplies. He drew circles, told me the colors and textures as I added the different lotions.
3rd Win:  Smiles and giggles from Ryder. He asked for extensions to the timer deadline several times (I initially set it for 45 minutes, for this activity). And let me tell you he had sooooooooo much fun! He told me that he wants to do the Fun Messy Job again.
I couldn't leave Boston out of the fun but didn't want to give her something inedible so I plopped some chocolate pudding in front of her and she had her own age appropriate sensory exercise. Following both activities the kids visited the tub.

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  1. Packing a house alone (with kids) is so difficult. I'm had you were able to make some fun today!
    I very excited about what you have coming up. So much to look forward to :)

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