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Project Run and Play mens shirt refashion

I wanted this outfit to be functional and fancy.  I had a limited time budget, because Hubbin the kids and I are packing up and moving to Idaho.  Crazy I know!  We found out two days ago.
If you are keeping a running total I will help you tally it up.  Al moved to Illinois last week.  Scary is moving to Utah next week.  And I am moving to Idaho in less than 3 weeks.  Nae is staying put for the time being, but a move will find her soon enough, when Bubba starts his internship.
We hope you will forgive us, if we forget to reply to your comments.  We are trying to handle these changes with grace. And we are trying to remember that we can do hard things!
So, on to the refashion.  I loved using the button holes and buttons!  And I loved sewing with that fabric because it just wont wrinkle!  It was a really fun project to work on.  #5 looks adorable.  It turned out as a really dressy top, and I paired it with a pair of black pants and some black dress shoes.  She is ready for business.
With love
Hubbin was more than happy to give up this pink dress shirt, that I bought for him over a year ago.  As you can see he never wore it.

 I kept the entire fullness of the shirt, gathered the front- and made that the back.

I used a large pink ribbon I had to finish it off.  
Love my little girl!

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