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"Puppy Love"--Peter Pan collar and skirt {Valentine's Inspire Contest}

Today we are introducing Becky from
I am a stay at home mom with 2 very busy, extremely adorable kiddos. I have a degree in psychology from Washington State University. I graduated in 2008 at the age of 20. I got married in Nov 2008 to my sweet husband. We had our daughter "Loulou" in Feb 2010 and a little boy "Boot" in Nov 2011. We currently live in Rexburg, Idaho so my husband can attend school here. We have one car and since my husband works and goes to school all day, I am usually stranded at home and mostly stuck inside (since it's so cold here). I love to do all sorts of craft projects, from scrapbooking to sewing to other random crafts. I have an etsy shop (beckysbabyballerina) where I sell things like tutus, hair things, and binky clips.

For the design contest, my Valentine Category is "Puppy Love" or young love. I had to clarify with the Shaffer sisters that it wasn't actual puppies they wanted incorporated into my project. I am not really a fan of dogs, so that wasn't going to work. Luckily I was right and young love/infatuation worked.

(for close ups and more details on how to make your own, click the picture to visit my blog!)

 I was a bit stumped at first, so I called my sister and told her about the design contest to see if she had any great ideas. She told me she had the perfect fabric and we could make something out of it when I came to visit her (which was about a week later, perfect timing, right?). She was totally right about it being the perfect fabric. Cute little couple doing all sorts of "lovey" things together.

My oldest sister lives in England and sent our Christmas presents back with my parents which they delivered while I was in Washington. One of the shirts for my niece had an adorable Peter Pan collar. I've never really done a collar before but I was excited to figure it out. I drafted a pattern from the shirt, adding seam allowances and lengthening it to fit around the shirt I would be adding it to. It turned out really well. I love it!
The skirt is pretty simple. It has a flat front and gathered back so it is still easy to slip on, but looks a little nicer. I really like the red we added to the skirt. It really ties the outfit together. We used the same red for the collar to add a border along the bottom. I also added ric rac where the waistband meets the skirt and I am so glad I did. My little Lulu is as excited about her new outfit as I am. She recently had a growth spurt so a new outfit to add to her wardrobe was needed. I made it long enough that hopefully it will still fit for next year, just maybe knee length! 


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  1. That fabric is so sweet. And who doesn't love a Peter Pan collar? :)


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