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Surgery, Omelets, and few things learned!

     My weeks blog is going to consist of sharing some fun days with my family with both Ralph and Bubba!!  Let me just run through my week,

Monday - Clean house untill 2am when my husband turned off the power so that I would go to bed.
Tuesday - Gallbladder Surgery, I really don't remember anything this day.
Wednesday - I had to have people help me around and was completely out of it
Thursday - Same as the day before but ran a few fevers and and was in pain.
Friday - Still sick but tried to do a block project for valentines day
Saturday- tried to finish blocks but kept getting sick
Sunday - Sick again.
    Next week after surgery, substitute taught, cleaned house and tried to keep the energy to do things. Not much rest for the weary right.  
    However, amongst this week of surgery and trying to manage a household I was able to spend time with Ralph before school in which he taught me how grandpa taught him how to make omelets.

    It was great to see him run me through the steps and to see the final product.  Ralph even said, "Mom watch if you take this thing right here (a wire whisk) it will break the eggs up better and create a great omelet!! I even taught grandpa and grandma this."  He was so proud of this accomplishment that I couldn't help but smile at my little Chef!
     I also got to spend time with Bubba!  He was just a great husband in trying to help me with a block project that was suppose to be done on Sunday.  Here is the finished project which was really neat as we focused on each others ideas  as well as each other and get to know him a little bit better has had a great effect on our relationship. 
     I can even see an effect this week.  Our communication has gone up and we can understand each other a bit better and solve conflict better.  We have only been married for seven months and communication as been lacking because of differences. But I really think it helped me see how communication was key in a relationship!!

     So between last week and this week I have learned to be a little calmer about things, it okay to leave some things unfinished (dishes, laundry, organizing) to spend time with friends and family, and that communication and a positive attitude goes along way.  It may have been a hard couple of weeks but a rewarding couple of weeks!


  1. Nae,
    I really love how that turned out. I am glad you had a good "get to know you" time with Bubba too!
    Ralph looks like he totally loved making breakfast!
    Great Job!

  2. Gallbladder surgery is no fun! I had mine out 4 weeks after my first baby was born. It is unusual for young ladies to get it, but obviously we do! I hope you are feeling much better soon!!


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