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Valentine's Day Sight Words and Coloring Book

I know that we have mentioned here a couple times but probably not enough that Momma Shaffer is amazing. Momma Shaffer received in her Bachelors in Elementary Education and taught for several years and then received her Masters in Counseling. Even though she had all this education she made the sacrifice of her time/career to stay home with us four children.
When I was a sophomore in college she returned to work as a Kindergarten teacher in an under performing school. One of her goals for her job, was to help the kindergarteners start reading. As part of this task she went through the first thousand sight words and used some of them to make short stories for each holiday.
A while back I asked her if she would be okay with us sharing theses stories with you, our readers. She agreed, but I had forgot about it until the other day when I opened my e-mail and saw the attachment. I was tickled when I realized that it was her Valentine's Book.

We are excited to share these with you.  We grew up reading our moms home made books, and loved them!   We hope you and your children love them as much as we did.  

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