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We will miss you Devin

A death of a child, always tears at my heart.  But none more than when it is caused by a senseless murder.  I cry for the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers that will not be able to understand why their family member is gone.
We heard about the Oakdale MN shooting last night, and it was so crazy to think that that was where we lived, shopped, and played.  This morning we found out it was a fourth grade boy.  My oldest son is a fourth grader.  He went to Oakdale Elementary.  We figured he probably new the boy.  So, I told him about it.  We spent the day openly talking about it, and comforting him when he cried.  We prayed for the families.  The family of the shooter, and the families of those that were shot.  We prayed for the school, the teachers, and the students.

KMSP-TV Tonight the name was released.  Devin Aryal. My mind reeled. I had talked with his mom on the phone.  I took this little boy on field trips with my own son.  He went to my sons birthday party.  His mom helped on the PTO, when she could get off work.  Not that Devin.  Please not that Devin.  Here is a picture of Devin at our party.  We loved this boy.  We loved his friendly personality.  You will be missed Devin.  We know you are in a better place, and we are praying for those left behind.
With love little bud,
Momma Jo

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