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Comfort Food Link Up {Inspiration Wrap Up}

So, this was supposed to be published on Friday, but what can I say, life happened.  All four of us were super busy with life! We were so impressed by the quality of the recipes that were linked up here. It was so nice to have your help with meal planning.
If you were featured feel free to grab our button! And don't forget to link up to our thinking green link up open until Thursday!
Shaffer Sisters encourage. inspire. uplift. create.
I think I will make a mash up (yes, I am a gleek) with these two recipes:
I am not a big tuna fan, but the thought of using chicken instead and then putting Cool Ranch on it sound yummy and peas are the one green veggie Slim Jim eats! Bonus. Bonus!
Al is a big lover of sweet breads so I was glad for her that there were so many good sweet breads linked up. I know when Al and I were pregnant last winter we ate so much sweet bread! It was such a great pregnancy comfort food.
A random Al fact is that she loves making cinnamon rolls so much that several months ago she 6 times'd the cinnamon roll dough. We had cinnamon rolls for every person that we knew! And then some. If she ever tries to convince me to do this again I am totally whipping out the giant cinnamon roll idea.
Soups are always a favorite in our house:
In my past, I have had some really scary french bread/hoggie bun experiences but I am ready to try again and when I do I am pairing it with some Sausage Linguini.
Did you know that you could make your own puff pastry? I didn't! That is what was used in this recipe:
And we can't forget Dessert:
For Slim Jim
For the Boston and Ryder
For Me


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Totally made my day :)

    The Farm Girl

  2. Thanks Shaffer Sisters for featuring my Doritos Cool Ranch Tuna Noodle & Homemade Peanut Butter Cups!

  3. thank you so much for featuring our banana s'mores!


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