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Easters Past, Present and Future!

One thing that I always love about Easter is spending time with my family.  When I was younger I loved to die eggs with my brothers and cousins. We would sign our names with crayon or try to find ways to create a different design on the shell.  Then we would wake up on Easter morning hut for our Easter baskets throughout the house.  This was always fun because my mom and dad would hide them in the craziest places like the dryer, under the stairs or way up high on the ceiling fans.  After church we actually got to eat what was in the basket and look to see if we had a present inside.  The thing I always liked was that I would get a letter of inspiration from my parents.  That to me was the most precious gift I got on Easter!!  Ah the good ole days!!!
This year I get to spend Easter with my new family; Ralph and Bubba!!!  I am so excited to see what happens this year!!  We have already started it off by making Easter Cupcakes!

I was so excited because Ralph was able to help me make and decorate them as well as being able to give them away!!  I loved to see him get into the spirit of service but being excited to cook with mom!!  He is turning out to be the little chef!  I call him Chef Ralph!

We are going to continue with the dying of the eggs and hunting for the Easter basket but the main idea this year is new traditions.

New traditions! Looks into the future.  That is a crazy thought!  But I like to seek out new traditions that we can add to the holiday next year.  This year it was the cupcakes and service, next year I would like to develop and Easter Egg hunt since so many of my nieces and nephews are around at that time I think it would be exciting as well as create a family dinner with everyone.  These are just a few new traditions I want to try.  I loved what I did when I was younger and thrilled at what we are doing this year and i am ecstatic about next year! 

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