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Inspiration at The Sink

When I was growing up, I always remember my mom talking about her view from the kitchen sink.  She said it was inspiring to stand at the sink, and see Gods beautiful creations.
When we moved in with our in-laws, up here in Northern Idaho, I noticed what a beautiful view my sister-in-law had from her kitchen sink.  I told her that every woman should have a beautiful view to look at when they do their dishes.
But, I said it with out thinking.  In my little kitchenette down stairs, I don't have a window.  What I do have is a mirror.  My sister in law apologized that I didn't have a window of my own.
As I was doing my dishes this morning, I looked up in to my mirror and Heavenly Father whispered a little secret in to my ear.  He told me I WAS looking at one of His beautiful creations.  You know that feeling you get when you snuggle in to a nice big fluffy comforter?  Yeah that is pretty much what I felt like.
So, next time you are looking at yourself, remember you are looking at one of Gods favorite creations!
With love,



  1. This was very touching. Thanks for sharing, Jo!

  2. I love moments like that. You are incredibly beautiful. I'm so glad you wrote this. Lately I've felt down about my body and have been comparing it to before having kids. I have something better than a perfect body, I have 2 incredible kids that adore me and a husband that can see beyond the extra pounds.
    Thanks for the reminder. It reminds me of when Scary would write on the bathroom mirror. "Good morning.divine one." I guess will see what we look for. Love you.


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