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Thinking Green Link-Up {Inspiration Wrap-Up}

This week has been a fantastic week!!  Thank you for all that has shared their St. Patrick's day meals and treats! The favorites of this week were the Leprechaun Coconut Squares and the Lime Savor Candy Cocktail, but all the link-ups were amazing.

If you were featured feel free to grab our button! And don't forget to link up to our Meals in a Jiffy (30 minutes or less prep time) link up open Monday through Thursday next week. And don't forget to tell your friends about next week's party.

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This fine dessert looks so great just from its picture and when saw the recipe it looked even better! It looks so simple that it would be a fun dessert to try out with Ralph.  He saw the Green MnM's, Coconut  and chocolate and was sold.  I always liked eating dessert before a meal!

And to refresh you taste buds the Lime Savor Candy Cocktail just looked terrific.  My mouth was watering just reading the title.  Lime sherbet, frozen Limeade, and 7 up. Just the sound of it yum!! Of course anything with limes is a hit with me.

 For breakfast this broccoli bake looked yummy and it looked so simple to make that I think even Bubba and Ralph would enjoy the broccoli with eggs and meat!!!


If your looking for something a bit light for lunch there isn't anything better than the Chicken Cilantro Soup.  It looked light so that you weren't so full for dinner later on!


For dinner stop by some St. Patrick's day green and gold mashed potatoes!

                                    Green Mashed Potatoes

Which looks so great that I would eat just that, but then I saw the Corn Beef and Cabbage!!  And decided that I needed to eat that as well!!  Is anyone hungry because I sure am!!


We can finish it off with some Double-Layer Mint Chocolate Cake by Jo. Or a Green Rainbow cake done by Al.  Both looks so great that I think I want to eat both cakes right now!!  But that might be a bit too much for my stomach to handle!!


Gotta Love Food!!!!!!


  1. Thank You so much girls for the double feature! What a treat to start my weekend! Many Blessings!

  2. I have a corned beef in the crockpot and it smells so good in here right now! After reading this post I am DYING to eat it hehe.


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