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April Fools, Inspiration Contributor: Ladonna

 April Fools!
 April Fools is gone and past
 You're the biggest fool at last”
 This was the poem my Mom taught me to say to my brothers when they were still telling me my shoelaces were untied on April 3rd. Yep – I grew up in a family that enjoyed April Fools Day! My Dad had a great sense of humor and one April 1st was known to tell the folks at church that they had a new “kid” – forgot to mention it was the family's goat that gave birth that morning and not my pregnant Mom.

 My husband's family also celebrated April Fool's Day. His father would use April Fool's day to have a mock fire drill. Family members were expected to gather at the family's 'safe outside spot' when he woke them up by yelling “Fire!” (We have used this one with our children too.) My husband's Dad also sewed my husband's gym socks closed along the top. (We did not try this one).
 In my opinion the best April Fools jokes are the ones that are just fun traditions. So, as we were raising our children, my favorite April 1st activity was serving 'breakfast' for supper (oatmeal) and supper for breakfast (like BBQ Chicken sandwiches complete with side dishes and dessert). We didn't know about leprechauns visiting on March 17, however a lot of those kinds of things would happen at our home on April 1st.

Sometimes we have 'found' carefully cleaned leggos in our jello underneath the pile of whipped cream topping. April 1st is an opportunity to have some family fun together. Keep it kind and it will bring a smile to someone you love.

 Sooooo...Are there flowers in your toothpaste cup – Christmas stockings hung by the chimney with care - or – Are your shoelaces untied? “Don't let April Fools Day get past, Or you'll be the biggest fool at last” Please share some of your fun April Fool's activities and traditions in comments below (or if you have a blog post about it link it up!). Thanks!


  1. What fun! I didn't know the story about Grandpa's new "kid". :) Thanks for sharing Mom!

  2. I do remember the fire drills… :) Great stories Mom!!

  3. I wish I were creative enough to think up some April Fool's jokes. :) I'm pretty gullible and I just fall for them instead.


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