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Because of you

Rainy days are good for the soul.  This week here on the blog we are talking all about things we can do with the kids on rainy days.  Today just happens to be one of those kind of days.
As I was doing the dishes, I was thinking about all of the kinds of things I do because I have kids.  Because of them I get up early every morning and make breakfast.
Because of Rogue, today I mopped the pee off of the bathroom floor.
Because of Rogue I also vacuumed the dry tapioca off of the kitchen floor, dusted and thoroughly scrubbed the deodorant off of  the brick work, Mopped the kitchen and washed the gallon of milk that spilled all over the table and it is only 11:30.
yep I am still trying to write this blog.  Because of me, we have had two missed blogging days this week!  Sorry to our faithful followers :)
When we have a rainy day around here, we love to sit and read books.  We love to color, and color, and color some more.  We love to play with GAK or play-dough.  We love to cook and eat.  The boys are my little chefs.  They have got pancakes, chili, ramen noodles, and toast under there belts-that is college level my friends!

We were so glad Easter wasn't a rainy day, though most of the kids still wore their rubber boots!

 Some rainy days we just like to go for a walk and feel the cool breeze and smell the fresh clean air.

We always have to take in our bikes when it rains!

We love to put on our rubber boots and splash in puddles.  We love to watch the rain pour off the roof top.  We love to drink hot chocolate, and curl up together on the couch to eat popcorn and watch a movie.
Rainy days are good for my soul, because it gives me a chance to slow down and remember what is most important.  My family.

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