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Good Jokes from Bubba

Bubba just had to be mentioned this week.  So, here is a re-post from my other blog.   I mean they could change the name from April Fools day, to Bubba Fools day, with out missing a beat! This boy is a bag full of tricks, tricks that just make us laugh. You will hear more about Bubba on Friday when all of the sisters get together to reminisce but, until then, here is a little teaser. Of course life learning at our house isn't all smooth sailing. A few days ago Superman made a clean cut right through a fifty dollar extension chord with the hedge trimmer. Hulk has learned that you should only go climbing a tree so high, or, when you fall, the ground can be pretty hard. Flash and Iron-Man stole candy from the store and had to learn all about repentance. Rogue has finally learned not to crawl up the stairs. This Momma bought several bars of chocolate and exhausted all of her trusted confidants to self medicate.

Iron-man and Flash doing what they do best, even if they are a little out of character :)

 After all of this, my kids received a package from my brother. Nae's Husband. He is 17 months older than me. He intuitively understands me better than most people. We went through a lot of the same hard things growing up. Hulk is the same age as his little guy. He is one of those people that I can go months with out talking to and then pick up the phone and chat with him for 2 hours without missing a beat. He is a real soul friend! Any way, this soul friend of mine sent my boys a package the other day. With a note attached- "It could be worse".

"It could be worse"

However, there was no return address. Immediately when I opened the package I started to laugh and figured I had a pretty good idea who it was from. I called my brother and he just giggled. He has the cutest giggle! :) Thanks Bubba. I needed the laugh and the boys needed to blow off a little steam :)

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  1. We found your cute blog and this is the first post we read! :) So funny!! We see that a lot of you have BYU/I connections, we are your local Utah gals! Always so fun to run across more sisters! Have a great day! -The Six Sisters


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