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Inspiration Contributors: Graybill Sisters

This is a fun April Fool's idea of twisting the normal dinner meal to do a little "fooling" on the family.  
Main dish = the dessert (brownie meatballs on top of frosting spaghetti, powdered sugar or coconut for Parmesan cheese, and strawberry syrup for spaghetti sauce)
Drink = pre-set Jell-O in individual cups
 Dessert = the main dish (meatball cupcakes with mashed potato frosting)
These little ones were a little weirded out by the change in the menu, but a group of teenagers would likely enjoy the fun twist! =)

(Idea and pictures from Cara Graybill Parker)

Kids love to help in the kitchen when it involves something yummy, so let them help make some cupcakes.  But this time, pour only half the batter into the cupcake forms; then place a large cotton ball in each cup.  Finish dispersing the remaining cupcake batter evenly among the cupcakes.  Bake as normal and then kindly deliver to a friend. =)
(Idea from Teann Graybill Bingham)

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