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Story Bags, Inspiration Contributor:Ruth

Do you have happy meal toys scattered on your floor getting stepped on?  How about handfuls of Easter eggs fillers being pulled out of pockets at laundry time or stocking stuffer items filling your kitchen drawers?
I have filled and donated bags of these small toys or even (shh….don’t tell my children) thrown them away, often wished to find a good use for those tiny treasures.
Enter – Story Bags!

One day inspiration struck.  I whipped up several small drawstring bags using fabric in the closet and ribbon in the drawer, added a handful of those cute little toys and wala – instant fun in a bag.

Any child would love to open a bag of toys they haven’t seen for a while and these little goodie bags can provide hours of entertainment.

Your littlest kidlets will enjoy the variety of fun all in one spot. Encourage older children to make up stories surrounding the treasures pulled out of the sack. My 5 year old has gotten to be quite the little story teller and will beg anyone who visits to sit and be regaled by a tale.

Even my 14 year old daughter, who is an avid writer, enjoys pulling out the story bags with her writing buddies.
You can put these bags to good use on a lazy afternoon, bring them along as entertainment on a long car ride, or provide instant fun at the dentist or doctor’s office. The next time you step on a toy dinosaur or pull an action figure out of a pocket at laundry time – just toss it in a bag and start up a collection to make your own story bags.

Happy Playing!
Extra toy tip my mama taught me:  If you feel like you are drowning in toys just box up a bunch of them.  Stash them in a closet or the garage and swap out boxes of toys when the kids need some extra fun.  Not only does this cut down on the clutter, making it easy for your kiddos to see and play with the toys they have, but it gives them the excitement of getting new toys over and over again.

Ruth Hansen is the mother of 7 wonderful homeschooled children and loves sharing the joyful moments in life with them.  Any spare moments that pop up in the day will find her snatching up a book to do a bit of reading.  She loves fun socks and big ol’ bowls of popcorn.  She and her handsome husband, Steven Hansen, are part owners of a fantastic family friendly website,, that makes creating and sharing digital stories online a breeze, complete with your pictures, your voice, and your memories. 

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  1. Love the Story Bag idea! Thanks Ruth!

  2. These are great! Plus I love your pic at the top Ruth. You look gorgeous!


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