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Warning, Don't Try This at Home...

From the Shaffer Sisters Small Town Dictionary
turkey {adjective}: a. rebel, b. one who acts without consideration for consequences or authority figures, c. TEASE BEYOND LIMITS

 Growing up Jo and Bubba were always big turkeys, so much so that Mom and Dad would call Bubba and Jo "the kids" and Scary and I were "the girls." Us "girls", rarely if ever, got into trouble. I don't think Scary ever did. But I once got in pretty big trouble for mowing over some baby trees starting to sprout up in our lawn.

Even though "the kids" were kind of a handful, Bubba left many more of these blessed memories of being a turkey more than Jo, because he was a boy and would do things a girl would never consider.

Just a bit of background. We come from a really, really small town (there were only 15 kids in my graduating class), and not only that but we lived so far out of town that our only neighbors were sheep, cows, and a family 1/4 a mile down the gravel road (the picture below was taken just down the road from our house).

One day, Mom and Dad were gone and the children were home alone. We had been left with a few chores that we were supposed to do before they got back. What would you do in our place? Probably play, procrastinate, and lose track of time.

Jo, Scary, and I found ourselves jumping on the tramp maybe working on our choreography to N'Sync's (you remember them right?) Bye Bye Bye. Bubba wanted us to get busted for playing so he took the hot-wire electric fence (used to keep horses contained) and wired it to the trampoline. If we wanted to get off, we would have to be willing to get shocked doing it.

This is the tease of a brother that we all grew up with and Love.
Jo:  OK, we really can't forget how we used to drive that big ol' chevy van.  Remember that Bubba hooked an alarm to it, and wouldn't give us the shut off button, so the entire time we went any where we would have to drive with the alarm going off.  
One time a police officer in Hailey, ID. pulled me over to tell me to quit flashing my lights and honking my horn.  When he found out my brother had booby-trapped the car, he started laughing and  let me off.  
I know Scary and Nae have some tidbits to add to this post!  I can't wait to read them to.  Thanks for putting this together Al!

Did your brother, cousin, uncle or dad do anything like this?

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