Thursday, May 23, 2013

Business Card Holder: KC Coake {Make for Mom Series 2013}

I recently went to a blog conference and got myself all official by having business cards made. I couldn't just go with a boring or plain business card holder. I wanted something cute and pink. I decided to make my own business card holder.  
Business Card Holder
What do you think? I love how it turned out. I found a free pattern and have some tips for you on making your business card holder. 

I got the free pattern from the Amy Butler site. {Amy Butler Business Card Keeper Pattern} I had not discovered Amy Butler prior to this. Oh my! I love her fabrics. I tried to find some locally with which to sew this business card holder, but I couldn't find any in the colors I wanted. I made due with one fabric I had and one new one that I found. 

Being my first time to work with her patterns, I would say that they are quite wordy. Sometimes I had to read through the pattern directions a couple of times to understand what they meant, but I managed to figure things out. This pattern was fairly easy to put together, though my seam ripper did get a little workout. In the pattern they give you only one piece from which to cut your fabric. They only give the piece for the flap. Since I don't have a rotary cutter, I pin and cut. I made a file with all the correct sizes to use to cut your fabric. 
You can print your pattern cutting pieces here, there are 2 pages.

I also made one mistake that may have been in the pattern directions, but I didn't understand it. You can learn from my mistake.
Business Card Holder
When you cut your flap pieces, you need to cut one piece with the wording facing up and one piece (probably your lining) with the wording facing the opposite direction and down. I cut both of my pieces with the pattern piece facing the same direction. As you can see above in the top left picture, my two pieces were then identical. When it was time to pin the exterior and the lining right sides together, it wouldn't work. Time to use the good old seam ripper and try again. I tried to take pictures of the correct way to cut out your lining, so maybe it would help you when you make your business card holder. 

After that snafu  it was pretty straightforward to put together. The hardest part, to me, was putting the Peltex into the little secret opening and getting it in the right place. The Peltex goes in as one of the last steps and serves a support for the back of the business card holder.

Business Card Holder
All done! I love how it turned out. The only thing I don't like is that for some reason, my Velcro doesn't seem to want to stay closed all the way. I have no idea why. 

I love the fun design and the fabrics I picked. Do you recognize the exterior fabric? It is the same fabric I used for my Office Organizer.
Business Card Holder
The next thing I had to do was to actually order business cards. Which means, I needed to design my business cards. I found this great post with 5 tips for Blogging Business Cards. It was so helpful and gave me a visual idea of how to get all the necessary info. onto the card. 

Business Card Holder
My business cards arrived and I have to say, it was a moment of feeling very official at this blogging thing! Even though I have been working my tokus off for over a year now, seeing the business cards sure make it all feel so much more official. 

Business Card Holder
The cards fit perfectly into the business card holder....phew! For a moment, when I was almost done sewing it, I thought maybe it was going to be too small. I made the business card holder pink because I like pink, but I also knew it would match my cards...ohh la la!

Business Card Holder
There you have it. I'm all official now! You can be, too! 

Have you ever made a business card holder? Any tips or advice or other free patterns? Let us know in the comments.

KC is a 41 year old stay at home mom of two cuties who are 11 and 6. She loves running, reading, scrapbooking, Starbucks, hiking, cooking, picnics, pretending to be crafty, and having fun with her family.
She blogs at The Real Thing with the Coake Family about crafts, organizing, family fun, American Girl ideas, cooking, and all manner of fun things, while keeping it real, not magazine glossy.

Here are a few of her recent posts:


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