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Drop Waisted Maxi Skirt: Simple Simon and Co. {Make for Mom Series 2013}

It's of the two Elizabeth's from over at Simple Simon and Company and I am so happy to be a guest over here today with the Shaffer Sisters.  (What a fantastic group of women they are...really.  They are the kind of ladies you want to have for neighbors aren't they?)
I love their idea of sewing for yourself for Mother's Day!
It's brilliant really.  Because #1.  I would like to get something new to wear for Mother's Day and #2.  Its another excuse to sew, which I really love to do.
Now when I got their invitation I have to admit I went a little crazy and cut out 5 (yes, 5) dresses for myself.  And one of them (sewn from a lovely 1960's pattern) only needs the skirt attached to the bodice and to be hemmed.  But alas, that project was not to be finished this month...
This month at our house we've had the flu, a series of high fevers, walking pneumonia and stitches.  And I would say it's been a rough month but I've decided that it is just par for the course with kids.  Every month is "rough" in it's own way.  Illness, accidents, setbacks----gallons of spilled milk.  It's all part of life...and being a woman...and a mother...and a wife...and a daughter...and a sister...and a friend...and a neighbor...and....sometimes it's a lot.
We wouldn't change it---no, not even for a minute---but it does make it easy to loose ourselves in the mix.  (I'm sure I'm not the only one...) 
So I appreciate projects like this that remind us to stop and remember ourselves every once in awhile.  I wouldn't call it "selfish sewing" sewing though...I'd call it "sewing for self preservation":).
This month as I realized my 60's dress wasn't going to be finished I was sad but determined to complete something that I really wanted for myself.  You see this month---aside from Mother's Day and everything else that went on, it was also my birthday and I wanted to make myself a gift.  (It is something I've never done before.  Make myself a gift...make myself a gift...why did that seem like such a foreign yet so obvious a concept?)
So one afternoon I put my husband on kid duty and I made myself something that I not only wanted but knew that I would use all summer.
A drop waisted maxi skirt.
Awhile ago I made Grace a drop waisted skirt for her Spring Look Book and thought to myself that I would sure like one of those in my size and in a maxi length.  So I followed the instructions that I made for Gracie's skirt and got to work making one for me.
And what do you know?  It worked!
And I was happy.
(The tutorial for the skirt is here:
if you want to make one too.)
It was fun to make something for me.
And it was the perfect gift---and something I needed.
And it wasn't just the skirt---it was the time I spent making something for myself---sewing for self preservation.
Thank you ladies for inviting me to join in your fabulous series.  I both appreciate and needed the invitation.  And let's not wait another year before we take the time to sew for ourselves again!

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  1. What a great skirt! And I like the phrase "sewing for self preservation" much better than selfish sewing :)


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