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Glitter Washer Bracelet: Mellywoods Mansion {Make for Mum 2013}


I'm Mel, I'm really happy to be here as part of Make it for Mom series. I did have a wonder if I could cut it as a Mom though, you see I have a Mum and I am a Mum of 5 but since I come all the way from Australia, I'm not a Mom...not that the u/o makes a heap of difference?

Anyways I blog over at Mellywood's Mansion where I love to dabble in crafts and DIY. Sometimes its delightful like this Coffee Table Upcycle to Train Table

Or a disaster like this formula can upcycle 

But each with each and every project I like to discuss whether I think it's a delight or a disaster and let you in on it as well.

When I found these little babies around $2 for 50 I had to bring them home, where they sat for a few weeks before I decided they shall be a bracelet. Want to make one?

  • Small washers
  • Glitter
  • Modpodge
  • Hole punch
  • Jewelry Supplies
Put two holes in each washer then coat the washers in modpodge then sprinkle glitter all over until it dries

Shake off the glitter and add a coat of modpodge to seal

Join them together with jump rings and add a clasp, mine was slightly small so I added a little chain just to extend it. I also added a little charm to the bracelet, I think it just gives it a little bit of personality. It makes me think of fancy masquerade balls.

DIY Delight or disaster? Delight I think it's sweet. Thanks for having me ladies, I will forever be known as the adopted sister :)

I would be delighted if you would follow me at any or all of these awesome places, just click on the picture below. 

                             Mellywood's Mansion
Mellyood's Mansion
Mellywood's Mansion

Mel xo


  1. G'day Mel! Your train table proceeds you...I remember that being featured just about everywhere I looked. The washer bracelet is beautiful, with a hint of Mardi Gras flair to it...are you sure you aren't from New Orleans :)

  2. Gorgeous Mel, love the colour!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  3. Mel, you are awesome! Even with glitter! Your bracelet is very pretty and sparkly. I don't know why you call your formula cans a disaster...I liked them! Mom/Mum your pretty great in my book either way!

  4. I think it's awesome. :) Happy upcoming Mum's Day to you. :)

  5. What a beautiful bracelet, Mel! I love the sparkle. Have a great Mother's Day!

  6. I love ALL your projects Mel. But I do have a special spot for your glitter washers!!! I'm a mum too but called my mother - mom xxx Happy Mothers day

  7. I love this bracelet, Mel, such a beautiful shade of blue. The clasp and masquerade charm are so cute! Thanks for the share! Happy Mother's Day!!!


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