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The Power of a Mother's Prayer

As a mother I am daily learning the power and responsibilities of my most important job and calling. I think being a parent is great on the job training. When I need to develop more patience I have been given a 3 year old that has had such a dramatic tantrums that I had a number of moms request that I would go ahead of them in line. Often my two kids are my greatest teachers of how to be the best mom and woman that I can be. A couple days ago, I was taught simultaneously by the examples of my mother and mother-in-law of the power of a mothers prayer.

Slim Jim and I have been trying to figure out post college life out for about a year and we have just had a hard time finding a direction that felt right, until the middle of January when we felt like it was the right thing to move down to Utah from Idaho. An employment opportunity came that seemed very promising, once we moved we realized that we needed to change employment or for Slim Jim to receive a change in position and increase in pay. We asked our family to pray for our success, in making this change.
Slim Jim and Momma Lela
Slim Jim applied for a job at a call center and his application, was accepted quickly and an interview date was set for two days from then. As soon as our parents found out they were hopeful and prayerful, that he would have success in his interview. Both of our mom's spent a great deal of time an energy prayer that it would work out for our benefit and that we would be able to have peace in our decision. This prayerful example gave us calm and confidence that the Lord wouldn't give us a trial that we couldn't handle.

Because of their confidence and example we prayerfully considered our employment opportunities (call center or promotion with the company he was already working for) and have found an option that will allow us more financial stability in the future.
Me and Momma Shaffer
In the little ways I see that I am becoming Ryder and Brooklyn's spiritual super hero. The other night Ryder was having a hard time going to bed (it was Slim Jim's night to do bedtime routine) and Ryder came to me crying saying, "We forgot to say a prayer." I was so touched that our simplistic evening prayer was what he needed to calm down and rest for the night. As I saw Ryder's emotions move from distress to peace the words of a primary song came to mind:
I see my mother kneeling with our family each day.
I hear the words she whispers as she bows her head to pray.
Her plea to the Father quiets all my fears,
And I am thankful love is spoken here.
Words and Music by Janice Kapp Perry
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I felt so blessed that I am following the righteous and powerful examples of our mothers and giving peace to the soul of my child through prayer. What a great calling to be the one that quiets the fears of my babies.

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