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Clip Board Jobs: Quick Tip Tuesday

Do you have jobs that you hate to do? ie. refrigerator, clean and vacuum the car, organize the bathroom closet.  Those are my least favorite jobs, because they take time and extra energy that this Momma of 5.5 does not have extra of.
Do you have children AKA cheap labor that like to work for cold hard cash?
If you answered yes to both questions, then you have a dynamite duo on your hands.

Introducing  CLIP BOARD JOBS
(yes I felt it needed bold lettering)
This is an awesome way to get work done around my house.  The visual display of cash gets these little minions of mine busy.
Our rule is that they have to do their daily chores, before they can earn money for extras.  So, I just put the money on the clipboard in the morning, with the jobs I don't wan't to do, and then I go about my day helping and doing normal mom things, like talking with my sisters on the phone.  As soon as the kids see the money go up, they are off and working.
Its magical.

We decided that Quick Tip Tuesday would be a pretty fun summer series.  So, this is where you our favorite fans come in.  If you have some good tips put them on our ongoing linky party and we may choose you to be featured on Tuesdays.  So link-up!
with love,

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  1. Haha "like talking with my sisters on the phone." Thanks for the tips. :)


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