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Fresh Light Pasta Dinner: Oh My Summer Foods!

I stumbled upon a recipe a few years ago.  But, I didn't have the ingredients so I changed it up.  I have never made the original recipe, because I have enjoyed this one so much!
Cut up some Bacon Fry it till its medium well done.

 then dump on some Parmesan
 Next add some chopped onions, and cook it all together till the onions are semi-translucent
 Then add some rough chopped zucchini and cook it until starts to get tender.
 lastly add the rough cut tomatoes and stir them in until they are warmed

Now serve this on top of pasta ( I forgot to take that picture)
and serve it with some garlic bread 
(I forgot to take that picture too, I was to busy eating- If you aren't making this yet- head to the kitchen now-you will not regret it!)

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