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Fun Summer Activities: Family Together Time on a Budget

Heaven on earth is the best description I can use to explain my hometown. It is so good to be back in the slow and easy pace of life. There aren't any close grocery stores(you have to drive over an hour to get more food or call a neighbor down the road and borrow a cup of sugar). After living in such a different world as the suburbs of Chicago (in a wet basement, no less), it is incredible to be back.

I've got to be home for about a week and a half now, and I absolutely love it. Mom and Dad are so kind to share their home with us and the kids are loving having them so close. This is going to be a fun 2 months, I just hope that we don't end up driving Mom and Dad too crazy.

It's funny how much easier it is to spend time together as a family here. It feels like every night is family night. I love it because I think spending time together as a family is essential. Just before we moved back to Idaho I found a book called 2002 Things to Do with Your Kids. It is a true jem! I'm going to start sharing some of these with you so look forward to some great ideas. Today I'm just going to give you a few ideas of what we did with the kids this week.

Movie Night- (we watched it outside on the lawn with the crickets singing in the background)

Fishing- free (kids under 14 in Idaho don't need a license- check it out for your state)

Circus (once a year it comes to around and we were able to catch it and Grandpa gets us tickets)

Trampoline Time (Heber wasn't  really into jumping, but we were able to play some games that he was okay with). He actually discovered his shadow while we were on the tramp.


  1. Is that the Palouse I see in the background?

  2. Ah! I love to see a little bit of your wonderful life! I wish we were in Cari (sp?) with you guys! Those kids are the cutest... ever. It's time to see them soon! Plans have changed for us, so we might be able to see you guys just a little bit more! Love you!

  3. Looks like you all are having some way fun summer adventures! Hope you're loving being back in beautiful Idaho--seriously, the best place to spend summers in my opinion! :) Thanks for the fun, free summer tips! Hope to see you all gain soon!!


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