Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Link-up Party & Quick Tip Tuesday: Saving Sewing Time

 I love blogging and I love sewing. Both of which bring me incredible, great joy. But sometimes on this journey of trying to do it all, I lose my perspective. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by deadlines, internet issues, and big projects. Not to mention the crazy days and house that comes with these challenges. Usually when I finally decide to do something and have the fabric I need, I have no more than a week to get it done. It’s easy for things to get crazy fast.


I found this quote that seemed fitting for what happens when my life gets out of control and I’m not careful about managing my time. I have discovered 2 easy ways to cut back on the busyness and insanity that it takes to be a creative seamstress.

1.    Cut out patterns as you get them. Whenever there is a pattern sale and I buy a bunch of patterns, I declare a stay at home movie night with my husband. Then start with my favorite pattern and cut all of the pieces out (for the kids, I try to keep all the size ranges so that I can use it for longer). After that, I fold it neatly and put them in numerical order back into the envelope. I try to get through as many patterns as possible. I do this at night while the kids are sleeping so that the pieces don’t get lost or torn up. This can save you hours of pattern piece cutting and trying to find the right pieces. Plus if you’re like me and you like to pattern mix (i.e. the pockets from one, the pants from another, the bodice from a third, and the sleeve from a fourth) then it’s nice to have them already cut out.

2.    Clean the space before you start cutting or sewing. Maybe you’ve never have this problem, but if the house is crazy, it seems like it is so easy to lose a little bit of everything from cut pieces, to seam rippers (I have to keep 3 at all times because they are so prone to disappearing), to the sewing scissors. Also if you try to sew with kids, it’s a lot quicker clean-up when all is said and done.

These tips make me a more patient and happy mama. The kids stay on my good side and it doesn’t have to be mass chaos.


  1. Hi Girls, thank you so much for hosting the party! I'm glad to see them back! Have a beautiful day!
    Warm regards,

  2. Thanks for hosting . I can totally relate to seam ripper thing, 2 of mine are missing since last week and I am on my last emergency ripper as of now ;)

  3. My timesaver is upcycling--whenever I can, I reuse hems, necklines, and details from old clothing that I no longer use to make new things for my kids (and sometimes myself!) I'm linking up an upcycled tee that I made for myself that was inspired by a top I saw from Anthropologie.

  4. Cutting out patterns is a huge time saver. Also cutting out the fabric pieces makes things go quickly once you get to the machine. I always have something cut out and ready to sew near the machine :)

  5. Love this quote by President Monson. So important to keep things in perspective!


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