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Vulnerable and Weak: Messy Day

While at HOBY we had an opportunity to hear from Bryan Yager, a man who travels the world talking about leadership. He talked about how a leader is someone that is willing to show their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This is a delicate balance with a blog, because blogging is really about having the magazine quality life. But then I remembered our mission statement and we are trying to build a blog where you can feel encouraged, inspired, uplifted that can take you to a place of creation. 
Sometimes I am confused and think that I can do it all. Then I go crazy (like smoke out my ears, roadrunner legs and complete confusion). Then I talk to one of my sweet sisters and they try to calm me down. Then I begin to think rationally and eat the elephant of a crazy day one bite at a time.

Today was one of those days, where the realization that I can't do it all came to head.

Last week I spent 2 days in the car driving home. After finally getting home, the next morning I woke up sick. I was SO sick in bed with a sinus infection. My kids, husband and I went in survival mode. Which means that the boxes that needed to be unpacked are still not unpacked. The sewing projects I have planned are still in the planning stages.
 This morning the kids got a special treat, once a year chocolate cake. Boston enjoyed it but she got it all over her face and her hair. It required her to take a bath, then Ryder needed something out of their bedroom so stepped across the hall and then I heard a terrified cry from the bathtub. I rushed to the scene and after a quick survey of the tub, I realized we had a problem. Poop. I swooped her out of the tub. Scrubbed the toys and the tub. Then put her back in to get clean.
All the while this was happening Ryder was practicing X-games tricks with the firetruck walker off his bed. After the vehicle was impounded to our bedroom. It was time for our blog planning meeting, which didn't last more than 5 minutes because the combined noises coming from the kids on our 3 lines was too much.
Jo did gave me a few pieces of advice before we ended our call. Just clean one of the rooms so you have a space to relax. Take the kids to McDonalds to burn off energy. I followed the spirit of her advice and I built a fort from the couch cushions with Ryder. And we may have had a little dance party in the kitchen.

I am working on finishing cleaning the kitchen (figured it was a good first space) and then I will move on to the dining room.
With Love,

I am hoping by the end of the week I will be sewing and able to play along with the sewing fun, if you aren't having a crazy week/day you should check it out.

Romper Week
Flip This Pattern
PS. Peak A Boo Pattern Shop has all their Rompers on Sale, Click here to visit Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.

Their Anchors Aweigh Sailor Romper: 3 mos. - 4t couldn't be any cuter! Or the Sea Breeze Romper would be perfect for 4th of July Sewing.

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  1. Oh my, Scary!! Breathe...just breathe.... Sorry it's been so hectic for you recently. Hoping your will see the daylight soon.


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