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E&E Bubble Pocket Top & Spin Skirt with Bloomers {Mini Tutorial}

You may have remembered a little over a month ago Jo and I tested the Pleated Playsuit (free pattern released by Heidi as a thank you to her supporters). It was such a fun experience, for me.
Last week Heidi, with Elegance and Elephants did a call for pattern testers for her new, Bubble Pocket Top and Spin Skirt and I was so lucky to be picked again.
Heidi is a sewing genius. I have been so impressed with how clear and smart her instructions are. I would say I am an intermediate level seamstress (made my own formals in high school). Every time I sew up one of her patterns, I feel like she is sitting there at the table with me teaching me new things. Her instructions are so clear I can understand them even when I am sewing late into the night. Her awesome planning makes my sleep deprived sewing look stinking adorable.
I have made a number of reversible tops/dresses for Boston (I shared with you Poppy Dress/Tunic, Waves of Summer Tunic) and they are my favorite because of how well they lay. I think that lined tops give a high end look and beautiful finishes, but they can be HARD and a total pain in the bottom. The way Heidi wrote this pattern for the top give a beautiful lining without much work or stress. When I finished putting the back together I was tempted to fly to Canada and hug her and thank her personally for making it so easy (instead I just instagrammed her a thank you).
I love the bubble pocket on this pattern, it is perfect for the picking up and stashing stage milestone Boston recently reached. I added my own flair to the bubble pockets, I embellished the right side pocket with an embroidered butterfly. I drew it with a tracing pen. For the head of the butterfly I did french knots, for the wings chain stitches and for the body satin stitched.
I not only love the top but the skirt and the way it moves. This pattern was the first time I had done a drawstring waistband and Heidi made it so easy.

When I began this project, I decided on two things: 1) I wanted exciting pieces that would work well together or make great stand alone pieces. 
Bubble Top and Spin Skirt with Bloomers
Bubble Top paired with some Children's Place Leggings
Spin Skirt paired with an Old Navy T-Shirt
2)  I wanted to use Heidi's shorts pattern from the Playsuit to act as an attached bloomer to the skirt giving added modesty and flexibility to an active little toddler.

Do you want to make your own Spin Skirt with Playsuit Bloomers?
Prep:  Print pages (16, 17, 21-24, 26-28, 30-32) of the Playsuit pattern. Attach pocket lining pattern piece to outside front, lining up at the curve. 
Sew up the center seams (everything at 3/8" inseam) on the front and back. Then attach at the crotch.
Finish edge of leg. Turn edge 1/2" and run 3 rows of shirring 1/8 of an inch apart starting 3/8" from the folded edge.
Stitch side seams and steam shirring to shrink. Clip Strings and Finish Top of Shorts.
Try them on the model.
As I tried them on Boston, I had to make no adjustments to the length because the shirring kept them tight to her upper thigh. Put the shorts off to the side until you have completed Step 3 on Heidi's Spin Skirt pattern Attaching the Skirt. Now attach the bloomers to the waistband.
Turn the shorts inside out. Drop your skirt into the shorts, pin together matching side seams. No gathering is necessary for size 12-18 months. If the shorts are larger on top than the waistband, then gather before this step.  The layers will go wrong side of shorts on the outside with the right side of the shorts touching the wrong side of the skirt. On the other side you will have the waistband fabric.  Follow your stitch line from step 3. Complete the remainder of the pattern instructions as directed. 

I think that this pattern is bound to be a favorite, because of how easy Heidi made it to achieve high end finishes. This outfit is something I am going to be proud to put Boston in until she out grows it and then I am going to whip out another because this pattern respects and enables a child's need for movement. Head over to Elegance & Elephants, and buy this pattern because it is that good. (Today she is giving away 3, so enter to win and if you don't buy the pattern). I am giving it five stars, two thumbs up, and a must own pattern for a little girl!!!

PS. Before you go,  you might have noticed Boston's hair was a little wet and crazy in her skirt and yellow top pictures; that can be explained faster with the help of pictures. Boston loves her brother...
who is fast, energetic and keeps this momma on her toes. Boston isn't wise enough yet to know that she shouldn't follow him everywhere, because (a) it may not be a great idea or (b) she doesn't have the same physical abilities and coordination as he does. She saw him running along the stream at our photo shoot location and thought it was a good idea to run down to the ducks.
It was one of those moments as a mom where I knew exactly what was going to happen but I couldn't stop it in time. Running at full speed, Boston stopped right before the water!  She must have lost her balance and/or focus. She fell into the water. I was grateful that being an arm's length away, I was able to grab her and rescue her. I was so relieved that I was I immediately able to snatch her by the seat of her pants. She seemed surprised that she was wet but basically was unfazed by the experience. Since I had previously changed her into the separates,  I was able to finish the photo shoot with dry, clean clothes.
This picture is kind of a metaphor for how yesterday went for me. The day was a little messy, nothing really too serious, just nothing went according to plan. I ended up needing to drive to downtown Salt Lake three times, not this country girls idea of a good time.


  1. Scary,
    I totally love it on her! I wasn't sure if I loved the two pieces together, but I really do know. And I am glad you decided to embellish the pocket. That butterfly is super cute! Everything about the shoot looks great. The bloomers are perfect. I wouldn't change a thing.
    Way to go Momma!
    with love,

  2. Adorable! I love your cute outfit and how versatile it is!

  3. So cute. Love the bloomers :) Wouldn't have thought of doing that (mine's too big for that now but this idea might come in handy anyways).

  4. Adorable! She looks set up with her potential outfit changes! The bloomers are so perfect, too! Even my little big girl can still stand something similar... :)

  5. Sweetest review ever! Thank you so much, Scary for doing such an amazing job with the pattern. The bloomers are a super idea and really add to it. *hugs*

  6. Cuute! I love adding bloomers to little girl skirts.

  7. Yay! I was wondering how the top would look with contrasting pockets. What a darling outfit! I love the waistband on my spin skirt. ;)

  8. Ps I'm visiting from Diana Rambles.

  9. So cute--I love how the attached bloomers give the skirt a little extra fluff, too--like a more practical underskirt!

  10. Absolutely adorable. Thanks so much for sharing this post on Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop
    Ducks ‘n a Row


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