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Picnic Friendly Oven Fries: Quick Side with Easy Clean up and Pack up

Last Week, I shared Playdate Chicken Salad and these fries are so easy and are an easy side for any picnic meal. I love that they only take a couple of steps and a few ingredients. They are lighter than a traditional potato wedge, because they are baked with olive oil.

I have used Russett, Red and Yukon for these and all of them are great! At the peak of summer, when all the potato options are affordable I would choose Yukon, because they have richer flavor to them. But don't worry you will love them no matter which one you choose.

For these I used 3 large Idaho russet potatoes (Yukon or Red I would have used 5, since they are smaller), I scrubbed the potatoes skins till clean. I cut my potatoes in half (or third for really big potatoes) and 1/4 inch in width. Then fill a large bowl with hot salty water and swish the potatoes around to release the starches. Then drain the water and repeat until I don't see any more starch coming off (this usually takes about 3 times of rinsing and draining).
Cover a large baking sheet with tin foil (this will help you so you don't have much clean up and when the fries are done cooking you can make a pouch with the tin foil and it is ready for picnicking) and then spread fries evenly. Top with olive oil and a seasoning of your choice, I really like seasoning salt for a milder taste and McCormick Steak Seasoning for a bolder flavor.
Cook in a 400 Degree oven until crispy. The thickness will determine how long they take to cook (some where in the 25 to 35 minute range), don't take out until they get the cute little brown blisters on them. If you are worried about on even cooking rotate half way through.


  1. These look delicious! I love french fries, but it is a pain to fry them. This looks like a great alternative!
    --Jill, from Jill Made it

  2. Thank you for spreading JOY and sharing at the Oh What a HAPPY Day party.

    Holly at Not Done Growing


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