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Playdate Chicken Salad: Ready to go to the Park with No Extra Dishes

One of my favorite things about summer is taking the kids to the park to play and having girl time with my mommy friends. Last summer I was lucky enough to live within walking distance to several parks. We were there so frequently, it was almost like we lived there. It seemed like sporadic play dates to the park were always happening. I was glad when this Chicken Salad mix was in the fridge for such occasions. 

This will make a large batch of chicken salad, but then you can invite more friends. If you are making it for a smaller group don't worry it is just about the ratio. 4 parts Baked Chicken: 2 parts Grapes (I have used purple grapes before, for a very pretty salad): 2 parts Cashews: 1 part Celery: 1 part Mayo.
I forgot to add Salt and Pepper to Taste, Seasoning Salt is also good for a good kick. 
I have found it is really useful to mix everything together in a gallon sized bag then you can make sure everything is equally distributed through out the salad and it is perfect for storing in the fridge and grabbing for the park. I love croissants with this salad but if you don't have any, a buttered piece of bread will do the trick. 

Jo shared chicken salad recipe that is made from shelf stable ingredients, that you could check out.  

Hope your Summer has been full of lots of Playdates and Picnics without too many dishes. 
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  1. There is nothing more satisfying than a classic chicken salad on a croissant! Your blog is darling and I can't wait to explore. PS: I found you through the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop :)

  2. Hi! Stopping by from the Dream to Reality link party. This looks like a nice way to make my chicken salad sandwich less boring.

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