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Facet Friday: Blasts from the Past

Today for Facet Friday I just wanted to show you a series of pictures.
This is me Jo-age 8 right after I got my ears pierced in 1991
Here is another one of me, probably 1998 in keyboarding class. Anyone remember scrunchys?-look at my wrist! 
Here is a photo from our track team.  Scary and I are the tallest girls in the back row. She was a freshman and I was a Senior.  I went to state in the Shot-put and the 2 mile that year. Scary had a lot of fun that year and tried every track event over the course of season. (You might spy Andrea from Pennies and Pancakes, she was a really talented sprinter in High School).
Here is Scary, Al, and Momma Shaffer in New York 2003
This is Scary, Al, and Superman in 2005.  They are super fun aunts!
Here is another one with Scary and Al and my boys 2006

I love looking at old photos of our blogging friends.  It is fun to get to know them a little.  I hope you have enjoyed our blast from the past :)
with love,

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