Friday, August 16, 2013

Necessity Sewing: First Real Nightgown

With the heat of this summer the traditional PJ options have left the kids, hot and sweaty. For the most part the kids have been sleeping in their diaper or underwear. One day I was looking through fabric to separate out usable scraps from unwanted clutter. One of the scraps that I found was a strip of eyelet fabric with little bows I knew that it would be perfect for Boston's first night gown.

Do you spot her Minky blanket? She was so ready to go to sleep when I took these pictures. It was one of those times that she gave me the look like, "Mom, why? Oh why? Are we going out to take pictures? It really is my bedtime."
When Ryder saw her in it for the first time he said, "She is a pretty princess." I have to agree. She is starting to look more like a little girl and less like a baby. This sweet little nightgown helps makes the transition from baby to little girl a little easier for me to swallow. Boston is a fan of how cool it is.
It was a really simple dress I just serged the top and the sides. I folded the top by 3/8" and then ran 10 rows of shirring. And made simple straps by fold a strip of eyelet (about 3 wide by 8 inches long) over 1/2" elastic (length 6 inches), making a simple flutter sleeve. Then tried them on her and trimmed the excess strap off.
Boston is a satisfied with the Minky blanket and the nightgown combination. What is your favorite scrap project that you have done?


  1. This is darling! I love eyelet fabric, and this one makes the perfect nightgown.

  2. such a sweet nightgown! She may not have liked to have the picture taken, but I love that first photo. Your little princess looks so pretty!

  3. Such an adorable two. I too feel like my little girl is leaving the baby looks/atitudes behind... they grow so fast!

  4. This is SO cute! Oh my gosh Edison needs one immediately. I think I have some fabric like this!


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