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Necessity Sewing: Miniature Minky Blanket for my Blanket Baby

Before Boston was born I made her a "travel" minky blanket that was supposed to stay in the car. And then I made her a beautiful pieced blanket. The minky blanket stayed in the car for a couple weeks and then she wouldn't let it go.  She totally disregarded the pieced blanket. And since that day her 45 by 60 inch blanket was her constant companion so much that when she was trying to learn to walk she only had enough courage to walk when she had the blanket in her hands. I knew that for her to be totally mobile she had to a miniature version of her favorite blanket. 

Boston enjoying the library with her $1 drawstring fat quarter skirt and her blanket
Since I purchased the fabric almost 2 years ago I was worried about finding it but I knew that if anyone was going to have it, Porter's would (the fabric in Rexburg that I bought the original fabric from). Porter's is the smartest quilt shop that I have ever been to because all cotton and flannel remnants are made into fat quarters and the same is true for their Minky.  Al picked up a fat quarter of the blue back but the spots was only available in a third yard cut.
So I cut the 1/3 yrd. cut in half and sewed the halves together. The piece down the middle was very noticeable so I stitched some ribbon over and near the center seam for some added some blanket flair. At this point the spotted blanket was slightly larger so I off set the center seam and trimmed the spotted down to the size of the fat quarter.  Flowing the same steps as the original blanket, I finished the edge. 
I barely had time to clip the strings before Boston had it out of my hands. She knew from the moment she saw the fabric that it was for her. I have loved having it because we can alternate washing schedule of this and her larger one so there is no lost sleep (won't sleep without this blanket). It is so mobile which has been nice for all of us. Slim Jim even commented about how it was one of my wisest fabric purchases I have ever made.
The other day when we took the kids to the Salt Lake City Library for Baby Storytime my little introvert clung tightly to her blanket and sucked nervously until we left. It is interesting to me how one item can give a young child so much comfort and courage. For Ryder it was his bear, and if we left the bear somewhere he would cry through every nap and nighttime.
What are your kids comfort items?


  1. It's funny how they pick something and we have no really choice over what it is :) For my girl it's a panda bear that is completely unreplaceable. It was from her nana before she was born and it's secondhand - originally a six flags prize. It is a mess now and she cannot sleep without it. You're so smart I make a second blanket. Washing panda is always a tough morning with bean asking for him over and over :)

  2. Aww that's so sweet. And so simple too. I'm not that great at sewing but I'm pretty sure I could handle this.

    This would be a great addition to It's a Mom's Life Link Up. I hope you'll join us!

  3. I'm so glad you got matching fabric! What are the chances!
    My son loves a stuffed dog and a stuffed dinosaur who he calls, Woof and Roar. He always has to sleep with them. His one comfort thing is the tag on the dog's leg!

  4. my kid got attached to the first sock monkey I made. it was supposed to be a charity project but she just had to keep that first one... feeling guilty I ended up making two other to replace the one she still carries around.

  5. This is adorable (and so is she!)! My little girl would love this! Thanks for sharing at All Things Pretty.


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