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Non-fat Rootbeer Floats: Your kids won't even notice the difference

When I think of summer, I think about going over to my Grandma Twila's for Rootbeer or Cherry 7-Up Floats. I usually I went for the Cherry 7-Up floats but since they added all the antioxidants a few years ago it just doesn't taste the same. So I have made my peace with Rootbeer floats. And they have become one of my new favorites.
This summer I have tried to be more mindful of the things I am putting into my husband, children and my own body. When Ryder, Boston and I were doing our grocery shopping we walked by the frozen yogurt/ice cream section. I spotted some Vanilla Non-fat Frozen Yogurt and I thought I should be able to make a float out of that because any dairy product when mixed with a carbonated drink will fizz and usually a little foam.
Long Story Short: IT WORKED!!

Non-fat Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
Rootbeer brand of your choosing

Put the Frozen Yogurt in a cup. Then Cover it in Rootbeer. Enjoy, knowing that you have made a slight comprise with your kids so they can get a taste of childhood without lots of calories of fat (the calories from sugar I am not going to do anything about because I think diet drinks taste gross!)

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