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What's Hiding Under Our Beds & Lurking in the Pantry w/ Inspire Us Link Up Party

Little bit of business, for the month of September we are going to be Co-Hosting the Blog Hop with Duck's in a Row. The party will open at 7pm on Tuesday and run through Wednesday. Your link will be showing up on 4 other blogs. We are doing this to try and get more hits to all of your awesome posts. 

Slim Jim and I have had some pretty financially slim times over the last 6 years of marriage (life of a college student and spouse does that). What is hiding under our bed has given me a lot of peace of mind through the tight times. This quick tip is to help you learn

What's Hiding Under Our Beds
3 month supply of toilet paper, when I quit my job to stay home with Rider and the only money we had coming in was Slim Jim's financial aid I knew we had to plan ahead. I knew if we ran out of money and toilet paper a month early it wasn't like we could wait around for the next semester. I trained Ryder at a very young age when we were out of toilet paper to climb under the bed and get a new package.

Several bags of Flour and Sugar. I don't know if this is common everywhere but in Southern Idaho and Utah the grocery stores do what they call a "case lot sale" where many food storage basics are at a discounted price. This is my favorite time to buy sugar and flour. I usually try to keep at least 4-5 bags of flour and 3-4 bags of sugar. Lately, we have been making a lot more breads, pizza crust and breadsticks from scratch so next case lot I will probably increase the amount of flour. The caselot sales are coming in October and I have about 1/2 a five gallon bucket of flour and 1 bag & 2 bags of sugar.

Home canned items. I love home canned applesauce, pears and peaches. The initial investment in the jars can be a little expensive but once I shopped around I was able to find a price I was comfortable with. I think looking at the jars as an investment made it more reasonable in my mind. Even Slim Jim doesn't complain when I say we are going to have homemade peaches with grilled cheese sandwiches and the kids love it. I found it is better with applesauce to buy the apples later in the year when they have had a few freezes this makes them sweeter. Pears and Peaches are on now. With Peaches you will make a lot less work for yourself if you are mindful to buy free stone peaches. I have done cling stone but you spend a lot more time cutting around the pit.

Blankets. Slim Jim and I both come from families and areas where common wedding, baby, birthday, high school graduation, etc.  gifts are blankets. Which means we own a lot of blankets. We don't often need all the blankets we have. Under our bed you will find a lifetime of blankets which I used to think was crazy. Until we had a power outage last winter where the power was out for 10 hours when it was very cold with lots of wind. Even though our house was cold all of us were able to stay very warm with all the blankets we had.

Lurking in the Pantry

It wasn't until I went to put the watermark on this picture that I realized the sticker is still on my garbage can. We have had this for 6 years now, how did I not take it off sooner.
5 gallon buckets. When I open a new 25 lbs. bag of sugar or flour this is where I put it is accessible and not too messy. This way whether I am making a single batch or quadripling a recipe I always have enough of what I need and because the bucket is so wide then it is really easy to get in there quickly without leaving too much of a mess. Little hint make sure the lid is on when you have little ones around our you might have this happen.

Twist top for the 5 gallon buckets. For a long time I didn't budget for these but when I finally did I was cursing myself for not doing it sooner. And I love them. I notice we waste less because they seal tightly so if the bucket gets tipped I don't have to throw away the contents.

Beans. At the case lot sale one of the things I buy a lot of is beans.  When we were unpacking, Momma Shaffer was helping with the pantry items and she was astounded by the amount of beans we had growing up I don't think many beans came into our home besides green beans. I love canned beans for soups, homemade chili or to put in our taco meat to help stretch the food dollar. I find that they accept seasoning really well even in a short amount of time. It gives me comfort to know that we will always have a shelf stable protein. I love buying them canned for quick use and dry for slow cooking.

Tomatoes. I love sauce, diced and spaghetti sauce because in a snap it can be a meal. Sauce is so versatile and makes a great a base. Diced I use in my taco soup, lasagna and red sauce for a little more substance. Spaghetti sauce is great for those times I don't have time to make my own scratch sauce. I will be purchasing more of all of these when caselot comes around because we are running really low.

Pasta. I love whole wheat pasta and WinCo is a grocery store in Idaho and Utah (I don't think they are anywhere else but I could be wrong) they make whole wheat pasta pretty affordable. And I love how full we feel on very little pasta. When the caselot sale at their competitors, they sell a 20 lb bag of whole wheat pasta that I pick up and divide into 1 lb bags.

I would really encourage you if you haven't already to turn your under bed space into preparation space. I know that our food and emergency preparation brings all of us peace from turbulent weather and economy. What preparations do you make for emergency situations.

Now to the features, I know I say this every time but I wish I could feature each and every one of you but Jo and Al said I just can't do that (it is a big stress point for me so once again I will try to get through it), So here are my top 3:
Max California's - Alpine Adventure Hoodie
I am sure most of you are already following her if your not you should be because her writing style is so fresh (I often am giggling in bed when I read, which usually gets strange looks from Slim Jim). She hand made the buttons for this Hoodie which I think is so fun and totally am going to try someday.
Peaches and Bees - Shirred Summer Dress with Tiered Skirt
I am a sucker for this dress completely. Which should come as no surprise because I love shirring. I love the bold fabrics. I love the bow in the back. I love the flowy tiers. But my favorite part is Annie's complete honesty in the things she would change for next time. Her post is like a reverse tutorial on the things you should do differently than what she has done. Annie I have totally done math at night and then the next morning it was all wrong. 
Two Many - Coffee Dress
This dress looks so classy and beautiful. Renee's fabric choice is spot on!  It is results like this that totally inspire me to bite the bullet and make more clothes for myself. The pattern she used for this is a free one available on Burda Style website. 
If you were featured today you could grab a button.


  1. I have so much in the pantry and love knowing I can make a meal even on a day when it seems like there's nothing in the fridge. Lots of dried and canned beans, pasta, tomatoes, unsweetened soy milk (love that it's shelf stable), flour, sugar, and any laundry, soaps, or cleansers that I know we used on a regular basis. I probably look like a crazy person when I come home with tons of toilet paper, but when it's on sale paired with coupons I stock up haha.

  2. I keep a stockpile as well. I'm a couponer (not the extreme kind) so I am able to stay on budget while getting what our family needs!

  3. I havent stockpiled a lot of stuff- but ive been canning this year. im hoping to have a nice full pantry for winter. Thanks for hosting!

  4. There is jam under my bed, cans of macaroni and dried milk under one set of bunk beds, and empty jars under the other bunk beds, which I will be filling with peaches and pears. Hooray for food storage!

  5. Those are some great tips! We can too and it is a great way to use your fresh local fruits all year long. ~ Major Moma

  6. We have so much canned fruit also, mainly because we love to go pick it. Thanks for the feature - made my day!

  7. Thank you for featuring my dress! Yes, I made many mistakes while making that dress, but the original dress design and tutorial are wonderful! have a great weekend!


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