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Reversible Unisex Hoodie Pattern - Sew Fab Sale

This post is part of our Sew Fab Sale series. If you haven't already you should put in for the awesome giveaway.

One pattern that I am über excited about but deadlines being what they are I haven't had a chance to sew is the Kitchy Coo Reversible Zippy Hoodie. It goes from 18M to 8Y, which if you bought it on her site it would cost $10.50 for the 18M-4T and another $10.50 for 5T-8T.
Kitchy Coo Reversible Zippy Hoodie

There are several things I think that are great about this pattern one of them being that you can use woven or knit. Which I love because I detest when I have the perfect fabric and the perfect pattern but then they don't work together.  She also gives you the option of a tighter or more relaxed fit, which is great for a more custom fit. The way she set up her PDF pattern pieces is great because she setup her patterns close together so there is little wasted paper.
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  1. This is one that I'm really excited to make. I hear amazing things. And it'll be a great transition jacket.


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