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Fancy Pants for Baby - Sew Fab Sale

This post is part of our Sew Fab Sale series. If you haven't already you should put in for the awesome giveaway.

The Fancy Pants pattern is one that I have been eying for a while (regular price on this pattern is $9). I was thinking how the extra fabric in the bottom area would be perfect for Ryder's acrobatics. He is constantly pulling out the crotch of his knit pants (both commercially produced and Momma Made).  I was excited to try the pattern but he wears a 5T and originally that size wasn't included (update: Laura has adjusted pattern to make it up to size 10 in the pattern pack before the sale). Which I will be sewing up several of these for his birthday because they went so fast.
Slim Jim had the day off work on Thursday, and we were able to get together with some of our dearest personal friends (I was her roommate in college, we doubled with them on our first date, Slim Jim worked with him and they both were the essence of a true friends as our life crashed down with panic disorder) to say the least they mean a whole bunch to us.
Before we visited, I quizzed her about her clothing needs for her little guy (she has two little girls about Ryder and Boston's age). She sheepishly admitted that she only had 3 things. I was able to make these little fancy pants to make it a solid 4 Items.

I want to show you some awesome Fancy pants from the world wide web, to show you the versatility of this pattern. After seeing some of the girl versions I am also excited to attempt some for Boston.  
Ruffle Fancy Pants from Buzz Mills
Spaceship Fancy Pant Knickers from Feather's Flight
Zebra Fancy Pants by girl like the sea
petit a petit and family: Swimsuit and Swimming trunks

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  1. I was so lucky to test this on the bigger sizes =D


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