Friday, September 13, 2013

First Day of Preschool {PR&P Week 4 & Sewing for Kindergarten}

I'm always stumped when it comes to signature style for Project Run and Play. So many things in sewing for the kids define my style, but it's never the same thing twice. Probably the over arching idea for my sisters and I is bold on a budget. I always look for strong contrasts and  hopefully tasteful designs. The inspiration for this week is going back to school. Ty is old enough now to go to preschool and Samson is finishing his bachelors degree.
 We are very much in a back to school phase of life (the hardest part is forcing ourselves on a early to bed early to rise schedule). Most of my evenings are either filled with helping Samson with his applied Physics class or attempting to convince the kids to go to sleep while trying to make progress on a project. I have always loved school, but it's strange to experience it from the bystander perspective.

When I think about 'Back to School', it reminds me of the excitement of school shopping with my mom and sisters. It was always fun to choose that crisp new “first day of school outfit.” With my own children it has been fun to see the excitement build for going to school for the first time. I wanted this outfit to embody the enthusiasm of attending preschool for the first time. The color scheme of brilliant blue, mustard yellow, and plum purple echo the decorations that adorn the halls of primary education.
Preschool is an introduction to a whole new level of independence, this dress encourages this autonomy. It is made from woven fabric but the neckline is cut wide enough to be slipped over the head with no closures. The pocket detail and fabric selection of the dress reflect the styles of school days of yester year.

The asymmetrical jacket is the perfect addition protect against that early morning bite that comes with the fall. The backpack is to the scale of the miniature frame of a preschooler with the utility to hold and organize pencils, crayons, paper, scissors, and basic readers.
The coolest part? The patterns for the dress (by Scary), jacket (by Al), and backpack (team effort) were self drafted and will soon be available for sale on our website. The bonus is that backpack will be available for free because it takes a lot of time and patience to get a perfect backpack. Papa Shaffer assumed it was store bought when he saw it. This brings me some pride because sometimes the "homemade" look is not desirable. Although this handcrafted designer bag is priceless.

I bet you love the shoes as much as I do. No we didn't put a lot of money into a shoe budget for this season. They were a thrift store find at $2, after mixing puffy paint and craft paint topped with a sealant they were transformed from a dingy white to vibrant mustard yellow. I've noticed on Pinterest lately that vintage style shoes filling my news feed. This took the vintage look and gave it a modern twist.

Sometimes accessories are almost as important as the project itself. We made a simple belt from waistband elastic and a purse buckle. It has growing room for years to come and could even be useful in holding Heber or Boston's pants. The floppy bow will have our model looking picture day perfect.

How'd I do at strong contrasts and tasteful designs?

With Love,
How about the shoeless photo bomber. These two make a great team.


  1. ok, I LOVE the dress!!! I'm not kidding, that is the cutest dress I've ever seen and I am pretty sure Libby needs one. I'm excited you are going to be selling the patterns! Libby starts preschool on the 23rd! Can't believe how grown up our kids are getting! p.s. I can't believe how good your kids are for pictures! I have the hardest time getting mine to pose.

  2. Wow, I'm so impressed how you thought through all the details like vintage, independence, and preschool colors! I love the dress and all the pieces with it! Great job!

  3. I am so impressed with the whole outfit and a backpack?! wow... I love the color combination, by the way.

  4. How fantastic, you guys are so clever. I will be buying the back pack for sure I want to make one for my nephews and little ones for Christmas, love it. The dress and jacket I might have a try for my daughter as well. So cute fab job! Thanks for linking

  5. Oh I love this, especially with the little matching bag and bow! Clever gal :)

  6. The dress is amazing! And I just love the colors you used! The sweater is too cute! Love everything!!!

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and what a beautiful dress too! Love :)

  8. Very cool outfit!
    I want that backpack pattern!

  9. I'm loving that dress!! Maybe it's the colors, maybe it's the touch of contrasting piping.....or maybe it is just the 'whole package!' NICE!!

  10. This is the cutest little backpack I've seen! Love it!

  11. Elizabeth and I were just talking about how we love the blue and mustard color combination!!! So cute. And that backpack is serious awesomeness!-liZ


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