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Every week we are always so impressed by the talent that comes from our readers. You gals are such a talented bunch and your drive keeps us going. I had such a hard time this week that I decided to go with the most viewed.
If you were featured feel free to copy our button. 

Look at this fun dress from Rocking the Stitch. I love the fabric she chose for this dress. I kinda want one in my size. You think at 27 I am too old to wear this?
Rock the Stitch: Full Circle Dress
Look at this beautiful Coffee Date Dress from Nutta (I always want to change her name to Nutella, which makes me want to eat a peanut butter, dulce de leche, Nutella sandwich). Her fabric choice is unexpected and beautiful and she lined the whole thing! Way to go Nutella, I mean Nutta!
Nutta!: The Most. Perfect. Fitted. Dress. Ever shared this yummy looking fruit roll up. Al has a dehydrator that I think I will have to borrow to make some of these. My kids would be over the moon for them. diy Fruit Roll Ups You control the sugar!
Call Ajaire shared this sweet Tinny. I love that she turned the fabric on the bias, it tripled the cuteness factor of the dress. And there is nothing like a miniskirt on a sweet little mini.
Call Ajaire: Tinny Drop Waist Flip


  1. Thanks for the feature ladies! I think I'm sold on the coffee date dress too. So many great ones. :)

  2. Thanks for featuring my fruit roll ups! Have a great night.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring! Well, maybe someday I will change my blog name to Nutella... I love Nutella too:)

  4. Yay! Thanks so much for the feature! And I think you would look great in Full Circle Dress ;)
    I am 32 and I would wear it!....if only the pattern were sized for adults (sigh).


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