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Joscelyn Skirt Pattern Test

I'm happy to share a pattern test with you today. The Joscelyn Skirt (designed by Rosalie and Me) and is a 3 tiered skirt in knee length & maxi with optional pockets. The sizing ranges from 6 months to 10 years.
 After last week's insanity, I was grateful to finish it off with this skirt. The directions were so clear and I had it all put together in just over an hour. Last summer I made Ty a 3 tiered peasant top dress, but it was stinky to do the math (and I love math). This was fast, simple, easy, and turned out beautiful.
Since Ty already has a lot of pretty dresses and it doesn't go with this season's chosen color scheme, I've decided to set it aside (and all other skirt pattern tests for the next year) to donate to the Skirting the Issue drive next summer.
If you use coupon code JOSCE20 on the Joscelyn Skirt pattern within the next week you can get it for 20% off, so it's only $5! But, if you forget to buy it in time or need to give your husband time to think about it, the regular price is $6.25 (which is dollars cheaper than a lot of patterns you can buy online).
Haha, so a funny story. I was visiting Scary when I made this skirt and needed to take pictures, but didn't have a corresponding shirt. So Ty borrowed Ryder's black tie shirt from Valentine's Day. She was walking around in public with a shirt on backwards and she knew it. She wanted to turn it around the right way, but we told her it was a secret. Lol. The things we put our kids through.
With Love,


  1. Oh my goodness - photo shoot secrets! No one would've known. did you try with the tie facing forward? that might be cute with the skirt, it even matches.

  2. I love that you're going to use this for skirting the issue! And I totally did the same thing for the cover photo for this pattern-she didn't have a plain white tee, so I put one on backwards.
    Thanks for your review!

  3. getting creative... even if it's only for a photoshoot... hehehe


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