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My Boys, Naming my Machines

Have you met the men in my life that help me accomplish so much when it comes to blogging?

Haha, well I guess they're pretty helpful too. Samson looks the other way when I load the notions onto the conveyor belt and Heber is patient as I'm in the middle of projects and tolerates occasional photo-shoots.

But the men I'm talking about are Winston, Patton, and Ike. For almost a year I've wanted to take my machines and call them by name. They are such a part of my everyday life that it would be silly not to call them by name. Heck, men name their boats so why shouldn't I name my crafting machines?

Winston Churchill is my sewing machine. Winston is reliable and always gets the job done. I can count on him and if there's issues, it's probably a short-sight on my side of things. Winston is a Bernina Bernette 66. He was given to me my first Christmas after graduating college (when I was pregnant with Heber) from Mama Karla and Papa Larry. Never before (or since) has there been a gift that I have cherished and used as much as this one.

General George S. Patton is my Silhouette. Patton is sharp and his tough blade that slices through anything I've tried. Patton is a great way to add incredible details to my projects and make simple, affordable, hand crafted gifts. Patton is a Silhouette Cameo and a tax return Christmas present. I have done hundreds of projects with him (although none of those scrapbooking- mostly using freezer paper on fabric). Growing up dad would put on the movie "Patton" at least once a week. I've always looked up to how direct and assertive he was and in many ways I've hoped to become that.

When I named Winston and Patton a serger was on the wishlist, but definitely not in the budget. Then around Christmas time Grandpa John passed away and left guns for his grandsons and inheritance money for his granddaughters. We received that money just in time to move to Chicago (and moving takes money), but a few months later we were reimbursed for moving and I could  finally get my serger. With a tight budget I chose to get a Janome 7933 for $300 instead of the $700 Janome 634D (like Scary has). There is definitely a big difference in the machines, but I still love having a serger. It gets the job done and does a really good job (the biggest drawback is that the rolled hem isn't quite as pretty as on Scary's). Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower was the perfect final addition to my creative team.

With Winston, Patton, Ike, and some free fabric I feel like anything is possible. Do you have fun names for your machines?


  1. Yes. My lady size mannequin is called Mia, girl size is called Ava.
    My bernina and overlocker nameless, old 1939 singer Grace. My industrial machine is coming soon and will definitely get a name. Love the way you have personalized them with pictures.
    Is Patton a copier.

  2. I named my Kitchenaid mixer "Kithcy" but haven't named my sewing machine or serger. Too cute! Love yours!

  3. This post is cracking me up. I love that you named them after men. It seems like everyone always goes the female route so this is awesome. My husband is obsessed with Patton and we watch that movie several times a year for sure. His father was named George after his grandfather served under him and my husband's middle name is Douglas after mcarthur. So maybe I should name my machine Mac ;)

  4. This is hilarious! Great post! You are extremely imaginative because if you look at them...they kindda look like their character's name indeed. Lizy co host at Fluster Buster Party


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