Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Polka dot Tiny Tot Tunic

I was working on my post for Winter Wonderings: Operation Zero.  I used a free pattern that I had been interested in, that I knew would be perfect for color blocking. Only to be terribly disappointed with the results, so disappointed that I couldn't finish the last few steps.
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This forced me to go back to the drawing board, I was previously unsure if I was going to have time for Week 1 of Project Run and Play but the Popover Sundress remix ended up being the perfect jumping point for my guest post and one of my favorite things (top 10) I have made for Boston. And though it was annoying and frustrating to have such a disaster. I am glad that I did, because other wise I would have missed out on making this little number.
When we were kids Sunday afternoon's Mom and Dad would watch Bob Ross on PBS. A lesson I learned from this that kept coming to mind as I was making this is what a happy little accident. I honestly can't imagine her fall wardrobe without it.

With the approach of fall, with the cooler temperatures that are coming I decided that Boston needed a long sleeve tunic. I drafted baseball style sleeves using one of her shirts for sizing. I then used the bottom of 8 inches of the skirt (Size 2T) as the bottom part of the tunic. This tunic has a double hem for growth, as she continues to grow up I will pull out the 1 inch hem and will have 1/2 inch hem. I used the bias strips from the straps to bind the top of the shirt.
Lately, I have been doing a lot of pattern testing that I forgot how much I love pattern creation. It was fun to go back to my sewing roots and start with a raw idea and make it happen. The A-line skirt on the Popover made for the perfect bottom to the tunic, with a slight gather it made for great movement without too much bulk.

The fabric for the top came from my stash. I had picked up at the Home Fabrics for $2/yrd in the back section where they keep quilting fabric, which I am not sure how much I used but it was probably around 3/4 yrd. The buttons and thread I had from a previous projects.
I love how well the tunic pairs with the skirt or her uneven Polk-a-dot jeggings (free pattern).   It is perfect for fall frolicking.
And exploration.
Before you go, please share in the comments a link or tell us about to your favorite happy little sewing or crafting accident.

Tomorrow over at Winter Wonderings, I will be sharing a tutorial on how to make this simple little denim skirt. Head over there for that and to see the awesome sauce posts that have been shared for Operation Zero.
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PS. Don't forget about the Wonderful Wednesday blog hop, that opens today at 5 PM MST. 


  1. I love this! I really wish I had time to join the sewalong this time. :( Too many tomatoes waiting to be made into salsa, sauce, etc. Maybe next season...

  2. love love love! Really! I love the pattern, the color, the polka dots, everything. Well done!

  3. Really cute! This fabric is killing me too! It is so fun to get inspiration from others! I'd love for you to link your outfit to our Fall Clothing Party!!!

  4. Cute tunic! And how adorable is that polka dot jeggings to go with!
    I cannot think of any "happy" accident...I make mistakes all the time (actually in every project ;) ), and always end up spending time fixing them!!!

  5. Great job on this remix! It's perfect for fall and so cute. Happy accidents ... Hmmm ... Most of mine aren't happy but end up needing ripping out. :) I've a tendency to cut out directional fabric upside down. Never good. :)

  6. Love! And that skirt is adorable! I shared on my recent post how some projects turn out better in my head. But sometimes the second or third versions are better!

  7. I LOVE this top, looks perfect with the skirt. What a great job you did!

  8. Cute, cute tunic!! I'm so glad you had this 'happy little accident' too..... Hmmm, as for our 'happy little accident', we have not-so-happy ones all the time {as in, we were in the thick of one a few days ago...}.

  9. This is SOOOOO cute! I can't get over it. I just love it. honestly, can I say it again? I love it! Plus, these photos are darling. I have quite a few happy little accidents... one being the buttonholes on MY flip. I put the holes on the side meant for the button, but later I thought it made for a better shape.


  10. This is just soooo cute!! I want two for my twins! I love everything about this!


  11. She is seriously so cute!!!! ANd I love the tiny swiss dot polka dots....I am obsessed with them right now!!!!

  12. The subtle polka dot fabric is a favorite of mine right now. Paired with denim it is so cute! Great job with your happy little accident :) I know exactly what you mean about pattern testing so much that you forget how fun it is to create! I love pattern testing, but making the remix this week was so fulfilling.

  13. Such a cute model!

    My mom always called accidents, crazy happenings, etc. "Making Memories." So even when I make crazy mistakes with my sewing, I'm "making a memory." My most recent one I blogged about. Hopefully, it'll make you laugh. Sometimes you have to laugh so you don't cry.


  14. I love your long sleeve interpretation! The skirt and shirt are so cute! And happy accidents are the best; they happen to me all the time!

  15. Pinned the skirt and I just love this outfit good job!

  16. This is such a cutie, as usual I love everything you share!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this with me at Bewitch Me & Titi! Hope to have you back with more amazing shares! Hope you are having a marvellous week!!!

    Cami @ TitiCrafty.com


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