Thursday, September 12, 2013

Perpetually Prepared: Tunic, Skirt, & Blazer {PR&P Week 1}

I am so excited for another season of Project Run and Play. It seems like I've hardly picked up any sewing projects since moving from Chicago to Idaho the end of May (3 weeks ago we moved from Idaho to Utah). I needed another PR&P Marathon. It's so refreshing and helps provide clothes for my kids wardrobe. This season besides making sure all the items are functional, I want to coordinate the outfits in one collection that can mix and match.  The colors in the perpetually prepared tunic (turquoise, red, orange, yellow, white, and grey) were my inspiration  for this season.
The theme for this week is a pattern remix of the free Oliver+S Popover Sundress (it's basically an A-line pillowcase dress with a small fold-over yoke). I did a MAJOR remix and came up with this tunic. I tried to keep the square look that comes from the ties on the dress in relation to the top of it. I wanted sleeves and instead of a dress, a tunic. I did a keyhole style enclosure in back.
This week as been a mostly uphill battle. I started out with a really good design, but for so many reasons things did not go as expected. Since the stripes on the top had no pattern, I had to fussy cut the front and back of the tunic. I also needed to fussy cut the sleeves and I had barely enough straps to get the sleeves. When this happened, I put the sleeve with right side to wrong side and had two identical sleeves instead of mirrored sleeves. To fix the problem I had to shorten my sleeve by 2 inches. For a while there I was envying Scary's happy accidents for this week until I had a few of my own.
After being stumped and downhearted, I stepped away from the project, but then the next night as I was struggling to put Ty to bed, I had the epiphany to make a pencil skirt to distract from the less than perfect top. The pattern was actually so simple to make. I made sure to include pockets with the contrast white and red flower fabric. Keep your eyes open because next Thursday I will be giving a full tutorial on drafting and making a little girls pencil skirt pattern.
The only thing this fancy skirt needed was a blazer and lucky for me I was needing to pattern test the Dreaming of Spring Blazer from House of Estrela by next week (and by getting creative I had barely enough fabric to make a blazer that matched the skirt).
To give options, I found a pair of jeggings  at the store so that Ty could wear her Top (and even blazer) with a pair of skinny jeans. Using scraps I made and sewed on a couple of puffy flowers to add detail to the bottom of the jeggings. The shoes were a thrift store find that we cleaned and painted the right color (more details to come in week 4 submission). And the bracelet was made from small strips leftover from the knit fabric that I braided long enough to go around her wrist 3 times.
The entire project was free and you can expect most of my project in the future with fit this standard. Samson is back in school and now we're at a university four times the cost of the previous school with housing six times the cost of our last real place (not counting Chicago or Mom & Dad's House) all while having no current income. Needless to say you will be seeing even more $0 projects from me. I made the top from a woman's shirt and the skirt/blazer from a woman's tee length skirt. I got the original shirt and skirt from a clothing exchange in my church. The white and red flowered cotton fabric was given to me from my friend's mom. I hope you enjoy a free project as much as I do.


  1. I love a free project and this one of yours is such a cute one! =D I need to see more pictures of that blazer because it looks adorable!!! Thanks for testing!!!

  2. So cute! I'm so glad to see your design too!

  3. The top is cute, and the skirt is darling, but the blazer is amazing! Love it. =)

  4. I agree with everyone. Only one picture of that fab blazer is not enough. I love the combination.

  5. Oh my goodness....that little suit look is killing me! Lovely work (as usual!)

  6. Seriously amazing! Love the outfit!

  7. I don't know what your saying about less than perfect top! It looks awesome! And that jacket and skirt is fabulous! It looks so grown-up and kid-friendly at the same time. I love the colors and can't wait to see the rest of the collection!

  8. All of this is amazing! The jacket, skirt, top and shoes??? Can I have it in my size? Seriously adorable.

  9. oh my goodness that pencil skirt is ADORABLE!!


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