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Photo Flashbacks: not actually a pencil skirt tutorial

So I know I promised a little girl pencil skirt tutorial today, but life is crazy and I feel entirely burned out. Last night/this morning I stayed up until 5:30am working on my project for sew ready to play, but as my luck has had it lately things keep not working out. I promise we will get it up soon, hopefully next week.

But today is a bonus day. We are going to do some flashbacks from the yesteryear of our kids long before they were blogging superstars. So here we go, enjoy!

Jo, remember that time that you had us go on a 3 mile walk when you were 41 weeks pregnant, in hope that it would restart your labor? My blisters finally have healed (2 years later)

With Love,
Al, Scary, and Jo


  1. Fantastic pictures and adorable children! Get some sleep...we will all be here when things work out like you want them to. Sometimes it just goes like that and there is nothing you can do.
    Take care,


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