Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Purple Promenade Plaid Skirt and Shoelaces with a Suprise Flip.

When Boston was a little itty bitty baby our local quilt store had some of their fat quarter bundles on sale, in the sale items I found a Riley Blake Promenade in Purple bundle. I used the first one making the Love You Little Bird Skirt. I was going to sit out Plaid week on Project Run and Play but then I looked at my UFOs (un-finished objects) and realized that I had this little skirt 80% done. This is a little bit of a mix between, the $1 fat quarter skirt, spin skirt and her dress that I brought her home from the hospital in when she was a newborn.
I put my ruffling foot and rolled hem on the serger to do the ruffle. I love this skirt because it is girly but still age appropriate and I see it fitting her for a really long time. 
The top is my initial experimental flip for the Beachy Boatneck. I am up against some pretty tough and talented competition so I thought I would begin my practice rounds. It wasn't perfect (little wider in the sleeve than I wanted) but it seems to move well and there is quite a bit of growing length, which I find as a real positive. The fabric came from a shirt that no longer looked awesome on me and I love how it makes her eyes pop and corresponds to the little blue flowers on the skirt.  
Her necklace was inspired by the Styled by Ellie Necklace on Alida Makes, as soon as I saw it I knew Boston needed something similar because she loves accessories and ball is one of her favorite words. I made it using beads I had on hand from a girls night craft project from several years ago. And the string is embroidery floss I had on hand.
One of my most favorite parts of this outfit ended up being the shoelaces. Since the plaid was printed bias, when I cut the plaid on the bias (four square wide) it made it so I have squares instead of diamond. I folded it in half and then in half again. I had the idea came from Make it and Love it's (DIY Fabric Shoelace tutorial). The way that the fabric is printed every lace alternates between light and dark. Boston was a big fan of me changing out her laces since I made them longer than the original laces and they seem to have more stretch to them.
Over all I think think that this look is perfect for any season and I look forward to her wearing it dozens and dozens of times before she outgrows it.
Let me tell you she didn't want to take it off for anything, I think to date it is her favorite outfit I have made.
I thought while we were out we could get at least one picture of Ryder in his Mellow Yellow Shirt from my Waves of Summer Collection. He has pretty much outgrown it the hem barely meets the top of his pants.

Were off to go play hide and go seek in the trees, till next time.
One last smile for the road


  1. That is a very sweet skirt and I know it feels so good to finish a UFO. I really love the shoe laces. What a fun idea.

  2. Very pretty!! Great job putting a complete outfit together! The shoelaces are so smart!

  3. Love how the shoe laces match. The whole outfit (colors, fabrics, necklace) is lovely!

  4. I'm dying over those shoe laces! So cute and the skirt is just adorable.

  5. Glad I wasn't the only one who finished a "UFO" for this project. Isn't it great to have one less thing in that pile? :-)

  6. I really liked the shoe laces, the beauty of things always is in the details.

  7. Adorable little skirt! I love that blanket she's laying on too!


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