Monday, September 16, 2013

Starburst {PR&P Week 2}

The question I had to ask myself at least 50 times is "How do I do candy inspired without looking cheesy or silly?" After all, I sew for Ty for more just photo shoot (I do love PR&P, but it is a requirement to me that it reflects my time and talents). I refuse to have a onetime wear outfit.
I sat there thinking, what is the prettiest candy I can think of? The first one that came to mind was those sugared orange wedges you can buy at rancher stores and truck stops. They are sugary yummyness, but beware, they can probably give you a sugar high on just a few wedges. Great idea right? Except that I was seriously lacking in any orange fabric on hand. Back to the drawing board.  How do I take my original color scheme for this season (grey, turquoise, red, orange, yellow, white) and make it look like candy.
Stumped, I moved onto week three designs (Mad about Plaid). Also having a very low supply of plaid made me consider the different ways I could create my own plaid fabric. As I used the colors to create a plaid design, before I knew it my mouth started to water. All the different colored squares reminded me of Starburst. And the design was relocated back to candy inspired (Starburst Original mixed with Starburst Baja).
The actual dress pattern came from the need to test my most recent design. Next week I'm guest posting at Sew Ready to Play and was itching to test out my most recent pattern design before I potentially blew time consuming, custom made fabric and a really great opportunity. So here is my Starburst high-low style dress and a slight taste to next week's guest post. This pattern will also be available soon on our website for sale.
As Winston and I got to work creating Starburst inspired fabric, I found myself unsatisfied with the results. The orange was too red and I hated the striped look of red/orange and turquoise/yellow. I was ready to scrap the project and forget about sewing along in PR&P all together (this is the first week I started sewing on because it was supposed to be the most complicated). Being the supportive sister that she is, Scary ran to Walmart and got a couple fat quarters of a more vibrant orange so that I wouldn't walk away.
Oh man, this was such a great color and worked perfectly with my color scheme. Instead of keeping a
set pattern (which I usually love), I went for the random approach. This was a lot of fun. I made Starburst fabric that I actually love and was true to how you get the candy in the packages of 2, unexpected combos.
But then what to do with the original piece (because I hate wasted fabric and time)? Make a bag you say? I've made Ty 2 bags in the last 3 months and we've got about 6 more for her. No way does she need another bag or purse. But Heber seemed really interested in it so I tied it around his neck and he was in love. What kid doesn't want to be a super hero? After a few little manipulations (see paragraphs below) and one tutorial read and followed later, I had a minky, quilt cape. In honor of Starburst inspired I made the superhero "Starburstman" with the actual letter "S" from the wrapper as his emblems with a starburst in the background. If you were guessing, yes this was made using my silhouette, some freezer paper, and something new (discharge paste).
Back during Chevron week from the All Star Season, I came across Vera Luna's Triangles Sweater. It was incredible and so exciting to learn a way to turn dark things light. Since then I've been itching to try, but until recently hadn't made the budget to buy it and none of the local craft stores have it. I ended up buying it for a pretty good price on Amazon.
This was my first go at using it. It is neat stuff, but man does it stink when you steam iron it (like rotten fish, so take it outside before doing this step, my lesson learned for next time). The other funny thing was that only the turquoise and orange that really bleached. Red and yellow stayed the same (I think the cotton had been sealed or something and wouldn't accept the bleach). I then covered up what had worked and left what hadn't. At this point I spray painted the remaining parts of the letter "S". Then I heat set it and washed the fabric (no way did I want my house smelling like rotten fish). Some of the spray paint faded so I went back with a permanent fine tipped fabric marking pen and outlined the S. From there it was just a matter of taking fabric and turning it into a cape. I vetoed the idea of velcro (I hate it catching on laundry) and used a really small and simple hook and eye. It easily comes so safety is not a concern.
Now Heber has a ready to wear and able to cuddle with minky, quilt cape. No way will we accidentally forget his blanket somewhere and have to deal with long hours of going without it. This project fits his personality now and will be able to grow up with him as he becomes a wild boy that jumps from bunk beds and flies on the trampoline.
To compliment this cape, I made Heber a v-neck top using Fishstick's Downtown V-neck Pattern, only I had to modify the directions by facing the neckline instead of using a contrasted band because my contrasted fabric (yay for upcycling) didn't have enough stretch to make it around.
Both Ty and Heber are happy with the results, except that Ty has some cape envy. Looks like I've got another thing to sew ASAP. I'm excited to what everyone else comes up with for this week. I know it will be great.

With Love,


  1. This turned out so cool! I'm admittedly stumped this week, but I have an idea that just might work. Fingers crossed it comes out as well as yours!

  2. Wow, I can totally see that starbursts! It's making my mouth water! Great job! I love the turquoise base too!

  3. So fun! I am with you on not making it just for a one time picture moment. I love when they're versatile enough to get TONS of use! This dress is adorable and I love that cape!

  4. What a clever idea! I love that you made a cape too! Very fun! Great job!

  5. I love the dress and cape! Adorable!

  6. Wow the letter on the cape is so cool. I Wasn't sure at first if it was a watermark or if it was actually on the cape so I started reading to find out. I think I've heard of that stuff before but never used it. Chemicals scare me, lol.

  7. Hooray for super supportive sisters! :) Now you need to think what to make next week. :) The dress is super lovely, love the high low hem and the colors! Great job! My son would love the super hero cape. So far he's been using baby's swaddling blankets. :) Shame on his sewing mother. :) :)

  8. Adorable dress and cape! Love the high/low hemline and the Starburst theme. (one of my favorite candies.) I knew what the candy inspiration was with the first picture.

  9. Starburst!!! The dress is pretty and unique! I love the Starburst superhero!

  10. I totally agree about making wearable, non-cheesy clothes. Why waste the time/money/fabric/energy on something the kids can't actually use? This dress turned out so cute and wearable. :) I chose Starbursts for my candy inspiration, too--they're such pretty colors!
    --Jill, from Jill Made It

  11. I completely agree about making something that will be worn more than once. And this is too cute! Definitely reminds me of starburst--one if my favorite candies! And the cape is awesome!

  12. the dress is very pretty! I'm glad you finished it... love the design too. I linked up a Milky Way inspired outfit for my son... SO much fun! Emily@nap-timecreations

  13. when I look at it, I think FUN!!! I'm sure they loved it!

  14. love the colors on the dress. so bright, cheery and...starbursty!

  15. Love the colors...and that cape? What a wonderful idea!

  16. Elizabeth and I were just saying the other day how we won't make something just for a photo shoot....either it's something we are going to use or we just don't make it. I'm glad you didn't give up. These are darling.

    ps--It was so fun to meet SarahLynn over the weekend!


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