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Al's {Family Photo Stitched With Love}

Family pictures are one of my favorite things in the whole world. The luckiest part of it is that I have my own personal photographer that takes great pictures and can work magic like no one I know in Photoshop. She has been my photographer ever since my Senior year of High School. Here's a collage of all the photo shoots done by her.
I bet you're wondering who this talented woman is. Well, it's none other than Scary. I hope that she is my photographer for the rest of my life: not just because of the price (she never charges me), but because she knows exactly what I want and it doesn't have to be anything incredibly complicated and drawn out (She can get at least 300 pictures in 15 minutes). This year for my birthday she gave me the greatest gift at all, current snapshots of my family. Now I can fill empty frame hanging on my wall. I love them and I'm sure you will too. She caught the picture perfect shots and also the really candid moments.

Everyone except Samson is wearing something I made by hand. Although he came pretty close to getting a newsboy cap because the night before pictures as I was cutting his hair I kind of buzzed it. Luckily his hair likes to stick straight up so it was kind of hidden. Ty is wearing her Perpetually Prepared tunic and jeggings that I made this last season of PR&P. Heber is styling his Common Axis top and Newsboy cap from this spring. And I am wearing a dress I made this week from a Target sheet set. I want to blog about it later so stay tuned for more details to come. It's a morph of 3 patterns. The skirt is straight in the front and the back is a half a circle. This gives it spin-ability, but still modesty. Since they say a picture is worth a thousand words and I have a ton of really great pictures, I'm going to let my pictures speak for themselves (blooper pictures are at the end).
With Love,
Heber modeling his stylin' newsboy cap and common axis top.
I love 3/4 length sleeves.
Ty would call this a flying dress. 
Walking the backyard catwalk.
I love the fullness in the back.
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And  now for the best part, the blooper shots. Scary and I were rolling in laughter as we were going through these.
Awkward couple picture. Not to mention that  Ty was being a photo bomber and my eyes are closed.
Ty (in a grandma voice), "I lost all my teeth and can now only eat applesauce and mashed potatoes."
In a voice like my mom said to us many times (and still does). "Don't make that face you need to smile nice."
Me: I just love you so stinkin' much. Samson: I want to suck your blood.
So I had kissed Samson during the photo shoot and later Scary had us kiss our kids. My lip gloss went from me to Samson to Ty. This is me trying to get it off  and failing miserably. 
Heber was not a fan of  mom and dad getting pictures without him. This is him yelling in his best tribal language, '"DOYKIE DONKIN BOO LA MA!" (translation: I WANT MY MOMMY!)


  1. What an adorable family! Great shots! I love the natural looking ones that aren't as posed! Thanks for sharing!
    Lisa -

  2. I don't know why but I always love the photos where everyone is laying down with their heads together. I think because they're fun you always get more natural and happy shots. Great photos!

  3. Those are some lovely family photos. How nice to have a photographer as a friend!

  4. What beautiful photos - you all look so happy. This is a pleasure to see. I have come to you through a Tweet from I Tre Mercanti. And i adore your dress. What is the pattern?

  5. You are really pretty Al! I love the photos of your family, and I'm looking forward to reading more about your dress. =) That last outtake really reminds me of the scene in the children's book "Caps For Sale" where the peddler is yelling at the monkeys and stamping his feet. =)

  6. Wow, such cute pictures... and I Love the dress!!!

    Shauna @ The Best Blog Recipes

  7. The pictures turned out beautifully! Love the bloopers. Those are always the best. :)

  8. Awesome pictures! Great job, Scary! And the clothes are adorable! Can't wait to read more about your dress.


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