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Embroidery is a Bad Word...

So as usual life is crazy for the Shaffer Sisters. This week Jo finished her final shopping list for her home birth (in about two weeks). Scary and I are going hardcore and trying to potty train the little ones. Let me tell you it is an endurance race for an unknown length of time (that's probably what makes it the hardest). We will have a series to come with potty training tips and stories.
So today as I was talking to Scary about the Bumble Bee Dress she is working on, Ryder overheard the conversation and decided to inject.  Lately Ryder (4 years-old) has been correcting all of us if we say words like stupid, dumb, hate, or fat (even if you're talking about the food group) by saying, "Don't say (fill in the blank)." This isn't the worst thing until you hear this following almost every statement you make. 
So back to today, Scary was telling me about the embroidery she was planning for the dress. As we were talking I heard Ryder over the phone say, "Don't say embroidery. Embroidery is a bad word." Despite our attempts to tell him it wasn't bad we couldn't convince him. The poor kid is going to grow up with this misconception for the rest of his life.

Hope you enjoyed the little blurp from our life.
With Love,


  1. Funny! Depends who you ask....right, Ryder???

  2. Haha!!! Is he 4? My son is going through that phase too!!! He's always asking me - is "___" good or bad? My favorite is when he corrects me if I accidentally say something I've said is not nice. Like "fine" when you're exasperated about something. He got into a bad habit of saying it and after correcting him he's doing better - but I can't say it anymore!!! (That and "butt" - from now on it's "bottom" in our house!) ;-) I can't wait to see your version!!! I'm getting so excited! (BTW - I'm going to update my Family Photo post! Our fall pictures just finished and they are so adorable! Here's the FB link! )

    1. oh, duh...just re-read and see you do say he's 4! It must be a 4 year old thing! :)


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