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Feather's Flights {Family Photo Stitched w/ Love}

Today we have the talented Heather from Feathers Flights. I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting together with Heather in real life and she is a doll. She is one of those people that you spend a couple of hours with and it seems like it has been only a few minutes. She is so knowledgeable in everything sewing and pattern design (she graduated in Clothing Construction). She is has a warm personality and kind smile. She tall like me, so it was pretty exciting walking with her and actually seeing eye to eye.
When you check out her pictures today, make sure and check out the rest of her blog. She is so inspiring! I love the stuff she makes for herself (like I want to snatch it and put it in my wardrobe, but sadly she is so skinny so that isn't going to work) and for her little guy, she even has sewn for her husband! Lucky for her readers she is having a girl, so every post will be something that I could use for any of my family members.
This is a beautiful bereavement gown she made for a friend. I bawled the 5 times I read this post, after 5 times I stopped reading it.
I love this high low chiffon top that she made as shirt-skirt combo or separates. This is one of the shirts that I would take from her if only size permitted.
I feel like her instructions for making a sewing pattern from a favorite tee is one of the best tutorials I have see out there. And she has made some killer dresses and shirts from her pattern pieces. Again more stuff I would take from her if possible.
I can't believe how quick these posts are going. It has been so fun to have new friends here, I wish we could keep doing this forever, but we do have a few more left so please come back and check those out.
With Love, Scary
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  1. Thanks for letting me be involved! It was so fun to coordinate handmade outfits and get a leg up on Christmas cards!


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