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Link-up Halloween Costume Ideas (Past & Present)

Little Red Riding Hood Theme
I love when for Halloween our whole family is matching. This is the theme I wanted to go with this year, but with potty training and time I used a lot more of what I had on hand without such a cohesive theme. I thought about having Ty be a princess and that Heber could be Starburst Man or a Sailor.

They had this cute photo background setup so we clicked one of the kiddos.

Cinderella Costume the bodice was made by modifying "E&E's ruffle dress (affiliate link).

The kids were big fans of the carnival.

Ryder's Contractor Apron was made by Momma Shaffer last Christmas and was one of the 3 costumes he had as possibilities this year (Leaf Monster and Cracker Jack Suit were the other two).

I guess I'll have to do Little Red Riding Hood another year because it seemed more useful to make Ty a princess dress. About 3 weeks ago I was given some sky blue knit that I was unsure how to use it, except to make a Cinderella dress. I also had some white shiny slip fabric on hand from when I got married. Yay, Ty's dress was another free project.
Boston's Jean Jacket and Dress came Momma Shaffer she picked it from a thrift store bag sale. After Scary saw it she decided that it would be fine with her costume not being homemade.

Heber in his store bought Horse Costume

The thing I've learned from my sisters is that if you have to make do or get creative, just do what works. Halloween will probably be a whole lot more enjoyable if you're rested and healthy. Also if you know of any local trunk or treating, this is safe and simple. Then make the actual night of full of friends and family fun. I've come to the conclusion that Halloween can be as complicated or as simple as you want it.

Jo's Family: Rogue is a princess, Superman is a Knight (he made it himself), Flash is Mr. Incredible, Ironman is Spiderman, and Hulk (not pictured) was a skeleton.
Here's some flashbacks from years past.

Goldilocks and The 3 Bears
Ty's Goldilocks dress was actually a 2nd birthday present from my mom that she made using the dress she wore on her wedding day (not her wedding dress, but her wedding luncheon dress). Heber was a baby bear using Ryder's bear costume from his first year. Using cheap fleece throws from Walmart, I made Samson a bear Costume and me a bear sweatshirt. Besides Samson's bear costume, it was pretty simple.

The Pink Panther and the Baby Bear
Incognito Themed: Pink Panther, Carmen Sandiego, Big Foot, Where's Waldo
Scary had a lot of fun with her costumes. Since Ryder wanted to be a leaf monster she just ran with it. They all ended up being people in hiding. The pink panther suit was made from pink fleece and a self drafted pattern. She even did cute little contrasted pink hard pads on the feet. To be Carmen Sandiego (doesn't she have the perfect hair for it) Scary used a red coat from mom and a pink thrift store straw hat she spray painted red. Later we added most of a fat quarter to get the yellow band. Ryder wore his leaf monster suit from his birthday and switched the name to Big Foot. Using the remainder of the red spray paint, Scary took a white long sleeve shirt and made stripes out of masking tape then sprayed the shirt. All Waldo needed was a red and white hat (using a red hat on hand and some scraps of white knit cut up to make a pom-pom on top.

Pumpkin Baby- this is what happens when I don't do laundry for a while. Lol.

Leprechaun and Rainbow Lady
If you're wanting to incorporate multiple mischievous holidays into one you could always go St. Patrick's Day Themed.

My freshman year of college I was Albert Einstein
I like Physics enough that one year I got a $5 blazer and tie from a thrift store and dressed up like the incredible genius Albert Einstein. Luckily with my crazy curly hair and experience doing stage makeup, it wasn't very hard. I used some white hair spray color to give the gray tints.

Boise State Bronco Fans
 One year I couldn't come up with a good family theme and I couldn't choose between the horse costume or the cheerleading costume so I did both. Ty was a Broncos Mascot Cheerleader. Samson and I were Boise State fans. I made a blue and orange tulle tutu and we sprayed Samson's hair orange and blue (I'm pretty sure we still have most of the spray left).

A Herd of Cows

This summer we went to Dress like a Cow customer appreciation day at Chic-fil-A. It took about 20 minutes to transform the group into cows. A herd of cows would be a fun family costume idea.

Here is a flash back way into yester year when Momma Shaffer made our Halloween costumes. I remember that we could be what ever we wanted for the school celebration but the requirement for night time trick or treating in elementary is that you had to be able to fit a snowsuit under it.
Here we are in the gas station/c-store in our very warm Halloween costumes. Top: Bubba, Jo Bottom: Al & Scary
I can't wait to see what you did for Halloween. Share your link ups below.


  1. I really enjoy seeing family themed costumes. Never done that. I wouldn't for Halloween anyway, we dress up in February for Carnival over here. G. dressed as a little witch (improvised) for school for Halloween, but that's it, and there were only a few kids dressed up. I might hab«ve to give it a try on a family theme next time.

  2. You girls are all so creative! I love all the themes you've had. Coming up with Halloween ideas is always so tough for me. This is a fun post :)


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