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Flash entered the world MARVEL-ous Birth Story Series

When Superman was 37 months and the Hulk was 14 months old, it was time to welcome our 3rd little superhero in to the world.  I had the same doctor, that I had had with Hulk.  And, he was still willing to induce me early, so, Flash was scheduled to come at 37.5 weeks.
Before the induction we had a little bit of crazy.  Captain America was a student at BSU, and he was also working full time.  I was trying to be very efficient, so I paid all of the bills, and then I wrote all of the checks, stamped, and enveloped, all of the bills for the following month- can you believe we used to do that by hand?  Any way, right before we left to go be induced, I sent Captain America off with my freshly packaged bills- to the locked mailbox in our apartment complex.  There was no getting those puppies back!  About $600 in bills that we couldn't afford to pay, yet.  So we called Momma Shaffer, and she lent us some cash to cover my  efficiency.
Then, we headed to the hospital.  This was my first delivery, where I decided not to recieve an epidural.  I just wanted to be able to feel everything, and walk after delivery.  So I told the nurse, no pain meds!
Well, I was going along with the pitocine, and feeling fairly confident that things were progressing.  I was even giggling with Captain America.  About 3 hours in to the induction, the nurse checked me.  I was at a 3!  I couldn't believe it.  The contractions seemed pretty strong, and I was only at a 3?!  I started to wonder if I could really handle an epidural free delivery.  We talked it over with the nurse, and I decided to wait on the epidural a little longer.
After about 10 minutes, the contractions were right on top of each other, and I really had no rest.  I couldn't bare it, and I remember just laying in the fetal position sobbing.  Captain America wasn't sure what to do.  The nurse hurried back in, saw my condition, and told me that she would check me.  If I wasn't to far along, she would get me an epidural.  I did not want her to check me!  I did not want her to touch me!!!  But, then she said, "Oh my, no need to check you, I see a head."  So, after 10 minutes and 7 cm, Flash was on his way in to the world.  The doctor was rushed in to the room, and holding him in with one hand, while he was having someone glove his other hand.  When Flash came rushing out, the doctor ackwardly threw this messy baby on my stomach, and everyone kind of caught there breath.  I was instantly in love.  I cried and laughed and kissed.  This was by far my most emotional birth.  I had been in so much pain, and then all of a sudden it was over.  And Flash had made an entrance!
with love,


  1. Haha. I didn't realize it happened like this. Too funny how quick he came. no wonder his name is Flash. I can't wait you hear your other 3 stories.

  2. Those third babies...they come out fast! =)


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